Discussion: House Passes GOP Budget To Privatize Medicare For 5th Straight Year

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Parliamentary judo is a sure indicator that the budget is bullshit. It can’t stand scrutiny so scrutiny is waived. This is how the GOP leads.


has anyone calculated the cost for committees etc to present this same plan for five years in a row? If you add the cost to vote numerous times to repeal the ACA what does it come to? and finally has the CBO rated this last budget plan? What will it add to the deficit?


House GOP leaders brought up the budget under the obscure “queen of the hill” rule, in which multiple budgets by both parties get a vote and
the one with the highest tally wins.

Really? This “rule” really exists and not just in first grade recess??


Albert Einstein ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’


Has this “rule” existed a long time? This is the first time I remember ever reading about it.

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Isn’t there some saying like “Keep p(h)(l)ucking that chicken?”


Here’s what I found: http://congressionalresearch.com/RS20313/document.php


Republicans believe they can ignore problems and create new ones without there being any economic consequences for the nation. Because they got by with it twice now in the last century. But there will be no more TARPS. The third Great Depression will be the charm.

The rich will be hunted down and pay dearly for the next bubble when it bursts. The middle class may have its pride but it can be driven to do untold things when it is pushed so far. France and Russia were not flukes.

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And even though this phlegm ball of a plan has zero chance of getting enacted, John Boehner will announce, “We did our job.”


It will be sunsetted the day after Queen Hillary, Her Most Exalted Bitch of the Serene Realm of Ball-Buster, announces.

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This is excellent!

For the Democrats, who can run against it until '16.

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and the definition of Insanity is: Doing the same thing over, and over, and over, and expecting a different outcome.

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Republican healthcare in a nutshell: You want healthcare? Become a doctor.


but don’t expect us to help your tuition or your student loans because the best doctors come are like Rand Paul or Tom Coburn or Ben Carson the ‘lies straight from the pits of hell’ Doctor… ya can’t make this shit up…

…across-the-board tax cuts, massive cuts to domestic programs, higher military spending…

Let’s see, this will 1. further exacerbate income inequality. 2.increase the poverty rate. 3. line the pockets of defense contractors. All of which risks a massive voter revolt in 16.
Amazingly stupid prescriptions for a party that wants to demonstrate its ability to govern. Oh wait, I forgot that’s just a ruse. Sorry.

Yes, particularly if by “job” they mean bending over Mitch McConnell and Republican senators up for reelection in 2016 who’ll be backed into a corner no matter which way they vote.

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Oh, no, not Mitch McConnell – remember after the election when he said he’ll find areas of agreement with the President?

I take Senator McConnell at his word.

“WASHINGTON — The Republican-led House of Representatives passed a far-reaching budget blueprint for the fifth consecutive year that partially privatizes Medicare.”

These guys are doing everything they can to lose my vote.
When I was a kid if some looney politician tried crap like this they’d be run outta Congress on a damned rail.

This is what the inside of a derp singularity looks like.