Discussion: House Panel Votes To Allow Waivers On School Meals

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I am willing to bet big time that the money for the implementation of the good eating standards will NOT be withheld from the school districts … they will get to spend the money (on what?) while allowing the kids to eat ketchup as a veggie.

If they say they will use the money to help get the program underway, then I’d for one like to see an accounting.

Classic American thinking. Economics before People.


Is any further evidence needed to prove that Republicans hate Americans? The GOP hates Michelle Obama and all uppity minority women, and are all too willing to hurt even school children to get her. Shameless, and revealing.


"The Republican provision in an agriculture spending bill would allow schools to opt out of the standards for the next school year if the schools are losing money on meal programs for a six-month period. "

Translation: “If you want out, just force-fail at it…deliberately fuck it up like a champ…and you get a waiver.”

Breaking gov’t to prove it’s broken…


Can’t have those “Lib’rull Sci-own-tists” telling my Billy-Jim-Bob and Mary-Sue to eat those Communist Brussel-Sprouts (sounds FOR’IN to me!) We eat 'nuttin but AMERICAN FOOD: Bacon (Duh!), Cheese (of course), Hamburgers (Germany), Pizza (Italy), Sausages (Everywhere with Pigs), and American Fries (Pom Frits) in THIS HOUSE.

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That’s part of it, I’m sure, but I don’t think that’s the entire story. Republicans are probably hearing plenty of bleating from the soft drink and fast food industries.


Once you’ve staked yourself out as a party as being proudly pro-global warming, pro-rape, pro-torture, and, pro-animal abuse, being pro-childhood obesity isn’t much of a leap.


Very good point. The racism is more conveniently expressed when the usual GOP interests run parallel. Republicans were wholly-owned corporate assets long before we had a dark-skinned POTUS.


“House Panel Votes To Allow Waivers On School Meals”

Of course they did. The weakest constituency in America - children. It’s a wonder they didn’t come up with this sooner, given their penchant for grinding their heels on the weakest in our society.

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“…too much too soon…” and “They need more time.” Both statements play to the need to make sure the donor/contributor food vendors are properly rewarded for their support. Too bad, kids….

Haven’t they had 3 or 4 years already to implement the new standards? Like one more year is going to make a difference. repugs are evil.

The poor kids have to eat healthy at school. After 3:00 and on weekends it’s home to Cheetos and McDonalds. I think they can handle it.

well hell why would we want our kids eating healthy? I mean come on,even jesus fed the poor fish. what an ass!

But, but… If you don’t give the lower-income children a healthy lunch, will they have sufficient strength to wash and wax the floors after school? Even Rep. Jack Kingston (Faginist, GA) would see the flaw in this. If they’re unable to put in a few hours of honest labor after class, they might sink back into a life of abject moochery.

(Thank you, GOET, for that marvelous phrase!)

This is all about Republicans trying to tell Michelle Obama to STFU…because freedom…or something.

Period, end of story.

These right wing mouth-breather’s hate the Obama’s so much that they would oppose people breathing oxygen if Obama endorsed it