Discussion: House Judiciary Committee Says Agreement Reached To Have Mueller Testify

in other words, there is no agreement for Mueller to testify, because there is no agreed upon date.

But Jerry Nadler gets himself a headline, so all is good.

First question is: did Barr or anyone else at the DOJ put restrictions on what you can say here today?


Next question: were you pressured by anyone to conclude your investigation prematurely?



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The questions need to be brief and direct, just like you’re suggesting. We’re already off the rails in the Barr testimony - long, convoluted introduction, lengthy question from Feinstein, and long Barr obfuscation. That just doesn’t get us anywhere.


Half the committee members should yield their time to AOC.


Now this one I’ll definitely watch, especially because a grown-up will be running the hearing.


Yep, The Republican ones…


This post has been updated.

Given that the update quotes Kyle Cheney as saying, “There’s NO “agreement” to have Mueller testify,” perhaps the headline should be updated as well.

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or given that [I made the exact same poin][1]t in the first comment here…

[1]: Discussion: House Judiciary Committee Says Agreement Reached To Have Mueller Testify :joy:

I am sorry. I did not realize that AOC is also on the Judiciary Committee.

Politito’s Kyle Cheney disputed Reuters’ reporting

I am glad to see that Politico has renamed itself, appropriately, after Marshal Tito.

Welcome Attorney-General Barr and thank you for being here this morning. Now before we get too far into our questioning let me ask you if you believe there is a definition of obstruction? And if you do what is it?

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Still some confusion over this. I’ve changed the hed and added the Nadler quote on which it appears Reuters based its report. But it’s not clear Nadler was referring to a public statement. We’ve reached out to his spokespeople.

This needs to happen sooner rather than later. Barr is demonstrating in his hypocritical and dishonest testimony that he has no respect for the investigation and is willing to discredit Mueller in every way possible.

Mueller needs to testify under oath to save his reputation and the sanctity of this and future SCO investigations. The GOP can’t be allowed to crap all over this or there’s no future in SCOs.


…or that she was in the Senate. Promotions are fast when you’re a go-getter on capital hill, I guess.

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My apologies for missing that.

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IMHO, we are talking to ourselves, but reality is that we are completely fucked. It is sickening to watch this idiocy. Come on, it’s time to get mad. We obciously do not know how to out-message the vermin party. We the majority are just ceding our power, thinking too hard. When if ever can we see that and demand the necessary Jefferson revolution?

We didn’t need Putin. He just kicked the boulder off the edge of cliff where it’s been poised for a very long time.

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