Discussion: House Intel Dems Release Facebook Ads Bought By Russian Internet Agency

You know what these ads tell me? That we have a infestation and black rot in this country that infects it to the core. The infection is called right wingers and Republicans.

If these ads had an effect (which they clearly did) the responsible party are those on the right that slavishly consume this filth and agree with it. It just shows us that the real enemy of America are these un-American right wing scumbags.


And Faux news, et al that feeds the infestation.

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Good, I’m glad these were finally released.


So “House Intel Dems” were the only ones interested in releasing this information? That pretty much tells it all. Republicans (and we know who they are) were not that keen on people seeing the truth.


Fox News or Breitbart (or Daily Caller…) should be sued for millions for each instance of re-tweeting or broadcasting of these clips. I can understand a few mistakes, but this was punitive.


So, just like with the Manchurian Cantaloupe, they didn’t care how their posts damaged people’s lives or the body politic.
Curious, that.


A pro-patriotism ad created on June 23, 2015 featuring a stylized drawing of a bald eagle was viewed nearly 530,000 times and was clicked on 72,000 times.

And sales of hand cream and kleenex in the red states the ad was targeted to peaked at the same time. Nothing like patriotism and a pic of the national bird to arouse red-blooded conservative male Americans. And if the ad included an American flag, gently waving in the breeze? Whoooeeee! Forget about it.

Some of the ads are partially redacted, part of an effort by Facebook and the committee to protect unsuspecting people whose names or faces were used.

I’m of mixed feelings on this. Shouldn’t useful idiots be told they’ve been an idiot in the hopes they won’t be as useful next time?


"Hundreds of the ads ran after the election, continuing the effort to sow discord. "

Hmm, who else is continuing his efforts to sow discord? :confused:


There names and faces were used in the ads without their knowledge or permission, so I agree on the redaction.

The stupid bastards that bought into the racism, paranoia, and jackassery and shared this shit—no, they need to see this 50 times a day so they see their stupidity over and over. Share the article far and wide.


That particular list is pretty long…


So where is the list? I don’t see it in the article. Anybody have a link?

Okay, makes sense. Hadn’t realized that was the situation. Thanks.

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