Discussion: House Intel Dem Wants To Release Some Russia-Linked Facebook Ads This Month

G-D Tom Petty just died.


It would be good to see a large crowd-sourcing review & discussion - with an aim to educating everyone how to spot Russian trolls for 2018.


People need to see these because they have no idea the extent of the plot. People need to see how they themselves may have been involved.

And that includes the #NeverHillary crowd too.


The people who fell for the Russian fake news and ad campaign will never believe they were influenced by it. All the Trumpers I’ve spoken with say the same thing… “There is NOTHING that Facebook, Twitter, or any other web site can post that would make me vote for Hillary”.
So. There you have it.
They miss the point completely.

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First Roy Orbison. Now Tom Petty. I’m on YouTube, enjoying the Traveling Wilburys perform End Of The Line… The empty chair in the video is for Roy.
RIP, Tom Petty.


Son. Of. A. Fucking. Bitch. Dammit.

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Don’t forget George Harrison. Just Dylan and Lynne left now.



They’re still at it. When Hillary won a humanitarian award from a Welsh university the trolls from Russia jumped on and claimed that she had backed the “fascists” in the Ukraine. No one but the Russians calls them that.

“You can stand me up at the gates of hell
but I won’t back down.”

I know EXACTLY how to respond to this:

 100K US Troops in Ukraine

  50K US Troops in Georgia

  Find a previously unknown independence movement in Kaliningrad.

When Putin can’t do anything about it his Kremlin Colleagues may ask him to ‘retire’ to a dacha in Hell.

Yeah my heart is broken. I loved Tom Petty He was one of trhose musicians that belonged to a rock and rolls best.
I put him right up their with Clapton ,Dylan,stevie ray van and even elton John because his music effected generations.
God Bless you Tom, RIP my brother.And my condolence to his familly especially his grandaughter who is going to miss him dearly.

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