Discussion: House GOP's Mad Dash To Avert A Government Shutdown

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I thought it was called ‘doing your job.’

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“The task appears simple: pass legislation to keep the federal government operating as it currently is when the new fiscal year begins on Oct. 1 — no extraneous provisions, no gamesmanship like last year.”

What ??
Hey Boehner, what was that about “raw politics” you spoke of yesterday??
I am of the opinion that Congress has not earned their salary this session. They should not get paid until they can fulfill their Constitutional duties like adults.


GOTea Mission: a) do something b) do something, drama-free and c) do something to keep govt. running. The mission goes against all they stand for. It can’t be done. One might even call it impossible.

McCarthy(isim) never really died, it was co opted by Fred C. Koch.

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This will be another epic fail for Speaker Boehner. He has no control of his caucus, and with an election around the corner, the rabid TeaPublicans are all out to score big points for their screwy base voters by taking grandstanding types of votes! “See! I voted to SHUT the whole place DOWN!”, as if that is why they are in Congress!

This will not end well.

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One possible endgame, as suggested by House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI), is a short-term renewal of Ex-Im until after the election, when Congress can debate on whether to continue, reform or end it.

Re: use of “Endgame” - “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


“We’re too chickenshit to put our name on this so close to the election so we’re gonna puntgame”

When Congress returns this week, House Republican leaders’ mission will be to act swiftly to fund the government and avoid the drama of a shutdown confrontation… The task appears simple…

Yes… it would be quite simple, if Boehner and McCarthy were actually in charge of their caucus. But as we all know, they are not.