Discussion: House GOP Alleges IRS Went After Grassley

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Sounds like this little minion bureaucrat got a little too big for her britches and has ended up in camp humilation getting her arse paddled in front of the entire nation. Lerner hopefully has learned her role and like the obedient little inferior that she was and is she will not step out of line again.

It’s their mission to go after tax cheats. Who would be a more likely suspect?


I agree the boss was right. An investigation was premature, but isn’t reporting apparent tax cheats what we pay her to do?


Hmmm . . . because Grassley has been an outspoken critic of the IRS, Lerner looked for the mildest of excuses to investigate a sitting senator. Right . . . . definitely an abuse of power.

“The event organizer apparently offered to pay for Grassley’s wife to attend the event.”

That constitutes income and, by law, must be reported. Do the Repugnicans advocate law breaking for senators or for everyone?


No, it sounds like this LEO was trying to do her job even at the expense of ticking off a senator and a bunch of hysterical wingnuts who think they should be above the law.

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Was taking the 5th for “doing her job” part of the lois the knee bound slop house slave’s job description? lol, not it was not. this little miss nobody wanna be something big self important minion was nothing more than a low level house slave that learned the hard way that when she does not serve the porridge just right as per the house rules she loses all, as did all those self-important government employee house slaves around her that lost their jobs. Like the taste of that?


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You don’t have any evidence of wrongdoing, you moron.

Outside of some serious racial issues(I think that’s what it is, it’s so badly written I’m not sure), he doesn’t seem to have anything at all.

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It’s interesting that Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich, is expressing outrage that the IRS is allowed to examine “a sitting Republican United States Senator [Charles Grassley]”. It is Camp’s staffer who is under investigation by the SEC for leaking restricted information to Wall St. traders.

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How dare a woman whose job it is to suggest audit checks suggest an audit check on a Republican Senator.

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Not to mention flagging fraudulent 501©4s as potentially fraudulent.

I see two problems with this. One, she opened someone else’s mail, not sure of the circumstances or the legal precedents involved but that sounds like her only offense. Two, Grassley hasn’t said a peep so his wife probably came along and this may or may not be a problem for him. Press Grassley on this, make Senator DeathPanels tell us all about his wife’s travel arrangements for this and other conferences.

Flip “Republican” for “Democrat”; “Grassley” for Harry Reid", and see how it reads.

I wonder if Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., would be just as outraged if Grassley was a Democrat? I’m guessing not.


I would like to propose a sociological study of why serial troglodyte right-wing website commenters continue to employ the hackneyed, tired, overused term “lol” - it reminds me of some pathetic old grandpa trying desperately to sound hip.

Ever one should take the fifth before these Repuk clowns

Sounds more like it may have been Ms. Lerner snarking.

We can all relate to that, right?

EDIT: Oh, and no need to be such an a$$hole about it.

Only for conservatives.