Discussion: House Dems Seek To Intervene In Trump Suit Over Deutsche Bank Subpoenas


Trumps said they would suffer “irreparable harm” without the order

I believe that’s exactly what a majority of Americans are hoping for.


Dont expose our financial records, sort of what cockroaches must think when the kitchen light goes on.


just what kind of irreparable harm will they suffer if all their transactions are aboveboard?

In addition, funny to say, reponsible lawmakers don’t cherrypick material to mix with dishonest speculation and leak to their favorite outlets.


Trump cannot win on this. There will be an airing of all of Trump’s wrongdoings…and it will be within months. As far as the polling on Impeachment: Polls cannot assess the changes in perspective and opinion by the American people as a result of an Impeachment proceeding. There is dirt on Trump the damage of which is precisely related to the maniacal zeal with which Trump is exerting to HIDE everything about him, his Administration, his staff and his Administration’s documents.

In addition, there are separate investigations which will be taking place concurrent to these proceedings.

Lastly, Mueller is in contact with HJC. That is a Pandora’s Box which Trump is terrified of.

Trump is a master of TV and mikes thrown up in his face by stenographers masquerading as “journalists”. Every time things happen which would have felled most politicians, Trump digs into the Roy Cohn Playbook and brazens it out (helped by the aforementioned stenos).

  • On March 25, 2019, most people believed that Trump was let off the hook

  • On March 25, 2019, most people believed that Barr was not a fascist pig

  • On March 25 2019, more people thought that Mueller was a GOP stooge for Trump than now

It’s different, now.

But I would hardly guess that to be the case


You would think that the entity issuing the subpoenas would be a necessary party in the lawsuit trying to stop compliance with or enforcement of the subpoenas.

I’m sure leaving the Congressional committees out was just an oversight on the part of Trump’s attorneys.

“We never did anything illegal. We have nothing to hide. So please, PLEASE, Your Honor, help us to hide it all. Or people will see how totally honest we are, and we will thus suffer irreparable harm.”

Good luck with that argument, Crime Family.


In their own Friday letter to U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos, the Trumps said they would suffer “irreparable harm” without the order

Suffer “irreparable harm”?

So they are basically admitting that their banking records are not on the up and up…


"purely “for the sake of exposure.”

Then what’s there to be afraid of? By the way, FYI we normally call it “transparency”.


Do tell, Mr. Trump. I hope the judge asks what “irreparable harm” that would be.


At this rate, we’ll probably move into impeachment proceedings right during the heart of the 2020 Presidential campaign. Won’t that be interesting to say the least?

Knowing the Senate will never convict, I hope Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Nadler can keep it on a low heat in the House while damning information keeps drip-dripping out through November, 2020. There’s really no need to let it get to this particular Senate, as corrupt to the core as they are.


This screams that the Trump family and Trump org are hiding all kinds of financial wrong doing. So much for the most transparent President in the history of the Republic. He is a transparent crook.


There are individuals, who regularly post here, who openly suggest that “Trump has something on Graham”, alluding to some things in Graham’s background/prior activities which are, shall I say, “blackmail-able”.

I have read dozen and dozens of such posts…from posters I deeply respect.

Suppose what is brought out in an Impeachment Proceeding includes that data?
Suppose what is brought out in an Impeachment Proceeding includes data on other ReThugs?


The " irreparable harm" would be the discovery of the Drumph family crimes, resulting in imprisonment. So let it be written - so let it be so.



Donald had nooooo idea what his family was doing with Russian and Saudi murderers during his campaign.


They are confirming that what Michael Cohen testified before congress to, that family Trump has called lies, is actually true.

Yes, they are basically admitting that they committed some type of bank fraud.


Half-expecting to read something from this article’s relevant crime family on the order of: ‘…Judge Edgardo Ramos - how dare a Latino judge even presume to rule on any matter concerning our family business crimes??’


One of these days, the Democrats are going to win one of these and then we’ll have those damnable tax returns. One of these days.


You know he will and he was an Obama appointee. Judge Ramos was confirmed 89-0 -voice vote. Republicans thought he was fine. But of course we are now living in an alternate universe.

From Wiki
Federal judicial service[edit]
On May 4, 2011, President Obama nominated Ramos to a seat on the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that had been vacated by Judge Stephen C. Robinson, who resigned in 2010.[3] On September 15, 2011, the Senate Judiciary Committee reported his nomination to the Senate floor by voice vote. The Senate confirmed his nomination on December 5, 2011 by a vote of 89 ayes to 0 nays.[4] He received his commission on December 6, 2011.[2] .


Thanks for the knowledge!

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Because people going into bankruptcy due to medical bills or dying because they can’t receive treatment is not irreparable harm, only looking at pieces of paper that record electronic credits for a family that feeds off the misery of others - got it - keep voting for those GOP politicians America.