Discussion: House Dems Plan To Follow 'Trump Money Trail,' Probe Deutsche Bank

Clearly, Trump has nothing to hide and he will gladly provide open access to all of his and the Trump organizations’ books.


I hope the sweetheart deal that Deutsche Bank got from the Trump family administration to settle the money laundering and funding of virulent wahabbi Saudi terrorist groups is rescinded.

Also, the bonuses paid by Deutsche bank to sleazy Justin Kennedy for financing the Trump family and the quid pro quo for forcing his father Anthony Kennedy to resign from the Supreme Court should be investigated.


And apparently everyone is fine with the fact that GOP senators voted to lift a ban on a Russian oligarch. NO PROBLEM! Why in God’s name would anyone vote to do this? And not a word, as usual. But we are already hearing about Joe Biden’s taking money for a speech for a representative’s campaign.


Elections have consequences.


Crack open Deutsche Bank, and a lot of money-laundering Russians will fall out, with significant sums headed to the Trump Organization.



          Dems Plan To Follow ‘Trump Money Trail

Get yer boots on ! …

It’s going to head straight to a messy bog …

usually referred to as … tax returns —

[ get yer elbow gloves on also … going to be … slimy ]


It may not have got much media-time in the US, but “Danske Bank” (Denmark’s largest bank) ( in cooporation with Deutsche Bank and others), ran a major money laundering scheme through its Estonian branch, laundering something like $200Bn.
Even DB got cold feet and stopped cooperation at one point. US Regulators are getting involved, too. The CEO and the Chairman of the board has been replaced and the bank is bracing itself for a major fine and other sanctions.


“Look out for the Malachi Crunch Trumpzie!”


Triple whammy. This is a good way to get those tax returns; Expose an international money laundering scheme; Shine a light on Republican complicity to help a Putin crony.


This ought to make the mean little motherfucker “Let then eat cake” wilbur ross nervous I hope I hope. O that’s right he ran the Bank of Cyprus.

O well.


Should, indeed.


I think Ross is too senile to be nervous anymore

Donnie is looking a bit more rotund these days. I think it’s because he is constantly wearing an XXXL Depends.

Anyone know how much subpoena power Congress has over a foreign bank?

Or is it that they can subpoena the branches in the US and if Deutsche Bank wants to do business in the US, they have to respond?

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All well and good, and thank you Rep Waters and Rep Schiff for representing my great state, but every major financial institution has already had two years to get their shredders kicked into high gear. The Republicans have a long proud history…

Should also be looking at the Cyprus bank Ross was associated with. Some of the same Russian oligarchs.