Discussion: House Dems Mark First 100 Days With Triumphs, Stumbles

What have they accomplished, Kev? I’ll tell you, since alas the article doesn’t. They’ve served as a crucial check on this lawless administration and corrupt GOP. And they’re accomplishing real oversight and just you wait on that, it’ll be oodles of fun for everyone.


“I have one question for the Democrats after their first 100 days: What have you accomplished?” said Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., on Wednesday. “Name me one problem you have solved.”

It may not seem much but they’ve kept him from rubber-stamping all of Trump’s horrors.

So there’s that.



As he did, a passer-by among the crowds of tourists outside the Capitol shouted, “I stand with Ilhan!

Me, too.


In addition to trying to act as some kind of check on a totally out-of-control WH, I think the House Dems are trying their best to show the American public what governing should be about. Crafting bills that actually benefit the population not a cult leader. This is evidenced by the fact that some Rethug House Reps. have totally lost interest in doing their job OR don’t understand what that job should be now that they no longer have power.


And may I add to your post that the way they conduct themselves in committee hearings? During the Boehner and Ryan years there was a lot of fawning or out right attacking of witnesses before the committee. Clips from those hearing showed either a love fest for the witness or just plain demeaning questions. Whereas with Katie Porter we’ve seen her ask simple questions respectfully and with direction to her point. AOC also when questioning Cohen didn’t rail at him she got information. There have been several other instances that I can’t remember of the top of my head right now, but I’m seeing hearings conducted to get information not for attack ads.

  • Unredacted Mueller Report
  • Trump tax returns

These are two matters on which Democrats are now on offense, and McConnell alone can’t stop them (although some of his judge picks could get in the way, but not necessarily). When these have check-marks by them, then Mr. McCarthy will see some problems solved, legislatively, legally, and by the results of the 2020 elections.

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Pragmatism vs purity, I had to look up the definitions and think about it a bit! NYT now kind of blocks out privacy mode. Luckily I still had some free article in regular chrome. Foxfire’s privacy worked. And since I don’t use it first it will sometimes have free views in regular foxfire if I run out in google. sometime I even resort to windows explorer, but don’t read that many NYT articles to have to do that much.

A few things stand out:

  1. Devin Nunes is no longer leaking things to the WH, so he is reduced to making frivolous lawsuits against Twitter cows and newspapers.
  2. Even if the things they vote for don’t pass (which was expected with a divided Congress) it at least exposes the frauds and the Trump sycophants like McConell for who they are.
  3. The fact that the GOP, RW media and Fox Propaganda Channel are all talking about people like AOC, IlHan, Lucy McBath, Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, even if it’s just to slander them and call them names, shows that they are afraid of them and are being taken seriously on Capitiol Hill.
  4. Even if they haven’t turned the world upside down, it’s still better than the Republican version who couldn’t repeal Obamacare and could only muster a tax bill which most of America now realizes was a horrible idea. Remember, this is just the first 100 days. There’s still a lot to do before 2020.


Knew from the title it was AP “Dems in disarray” crapola.

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It’s really astonishing how often they fail to see the main point in a situation. You’d think even hidebound hacks could at least do that much, but I guess getting the point is more challenging and less obvious than you’d think.


Ah another Republican hit piece brought to you by “AP”–those Awful Pre$$titute$!

Making Hacks Irrelevant
Admiring (and Supporting) Journalists

After Trump is removed, the American people will make that their mission.

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You’re an optimist.

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It is rich to hear a member of the GOP congressional leadership who accomplished nothing in 8 years of majority control (6 under Obama) saying this.

It is almost as rich as hearing Donald Trump and William Barr proclaim Trump’s absolute fucking innocence and claim his campaign was unjustly spied on while they are STILL sitting on and trying to whitewash the Mueller Report before handing it over to Congress.

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