Discussion: House Dem Calls Civil Rights Hero A 'Turncoat' In Battle Over Obama Pick

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Comments have been taken over by the Martians? 'Cuz this “turncoat” comment has since been refuted by the man himself.

See: http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/john-lewis-comes-out-against-michael-boggs


Obama is being vilified by the media in doing a standard deal with the opposing senators, in a state controlled by the opposition. Clinton did the same thing, appointing Strom Thurmond’s son as USA in SC to move a package of more progressive nominees. Senator Helms and the southern senators practiced this art for years. The Dems did it with W all because of the blue slip rule.

How crafty for news making to call Boggs Obama’s nominee.


yeah, I thought lewis pretty much put his official kibosh on this already.

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Yes, he has, and I think TPM is experiencing a technical snafu of sorts.

Rep Scott, you are not fit to wipe the shoes of John Lewis. Stop opening your mouth, and erasing all doubt about who the fool is in this debate.

John Lewis is an American Hero. He put his life on the line for his convictions . You, bleat nonsense on Twitter. How brave of you.

Now apologize if you are a man, if not… just bleat away like a sheep.


What an incredibly absurd comment. Just because Lewis is a civil rights icon doesn’t mean he gets a pass on doing crazy things. IF he approved of Boggs’ appointment then he should be called out and Price has every right to do that. He’s not competing with Lewis for icon status. They are both members of the US House from the State of Georgia which makes them equals. Clue?

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I’ll disagree to your idea that Rep Lewis should be called out in the press by a junior member of-- not only his party-- but a congressional member of his own state.

Further-- it’s been put forth upthread that Lewis had publicly come out against Boggs’ nomination-- as linked to in the first comment of this thread (Lewis’ moneyquote below).

  • “Based on the evidence revealed during this hearing, I do not support the confirmation of Michael Boggs to the federal bench,”*

Pretty much makes things moot-- no?


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Even if Lewis did support Boggs, this is a disgusting comment. Shut up David Scott.


Appointing Thurmond’s son USA is not comparable at all. Boggs is up for a lifetime appointment!

Perhaps the junior congressman should have been certain of his facts before calling out Rep. Lewis. At any rate “turncoat” is an inappropriate phrase. Nobody opposes Boggs more than me, but internecine warfare is not getting us anywhere. So no, Rep. Lewis doesn’t get a pass if he’s wrong but let’s have a measure of decorum among ourselves.

And no, the junior congressman is not and never will be Rep. Lewis’s “equal.” Rep. Lewis has’t any equals in congress. He’s an icon for a good reason.

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Clue yourself. It’s called knowing the facts and having a bit of respect before you vent your spleen on twitter. No, they are not ‘equal’ in tenure in the legislative body. Nor in life experience. Anyone can disagree without being disagreeable. Scott jumped the gun and put silly stuff on the web. Doesn’t show a lot about his character.

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