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Shame on Jonathan Turley. He doesn’t know that Obama has used executive power far LESS than any other president?

What is the ‘overreach’? This is pure trash, and Turley, supposedly a liberal, will have contributed to the diminution of the presidency to our detriment.

It is the legislative branch ITSELF that has made itself practically irrelevant. What was Obama supposed to do, fiddle while Rome burned?


“would set a perilous precedent wherein the legislative and executive branches can continually challenge each other in court over disagreements and thereby expand the power of the judiciary.”
Well, that is the idea after all.
With Gerrymandering and Voter suppression the Reich-Wing will hang on to the House for years, but be a permanent minority-party status in the Senate and not stand a snow-balls chance in hell of winning the White House due to the changing Demographics of the country. Therefor, the only way to get their “agenda” passed is to pass party-line-voted laws, sue the President for “not implementing it our way”, walk it up the SCOTUS (which will be the way it is, 5-4 until at least 3 of the Opus Dei members die. A loooong time from now) and “Legislate via the SCOTUS” like they do RIGHT NOW (re: Hobby Lobby, Citizen United, etc.)
That way they take over in a bloodless coup, and only need 5 votes (which they already have in the SCOTUS) to do it.


I think it is a legit concern. The judicial is supposed to be the balance point but they are also balanced by the other branches. The president picks them and Congress can amend the Constitution. The problem comes in when ideologues are on the courts.

I do not think the SCOTUS has been this bad since FDR. They were very Tenther then.

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I don’t believe he will get standing.

At the point that he would actually file, there would be less than 5 months until the mandate goes into affect anyway. Congress has more than enough power to address this issue on their own. And how can Boehner argue either an individual or institutional harm when they have voted over 50 times to nullify all of the ACA, including the mandate?


Exactly. There is no way in the world he should be allowed to teach law. None at all. He has no clue about the basic facts. Heck, he does not know the difference between an opinion and a fact. He needs to be called out immediately on this. And should have his law degree yanked.

Someone commented the other day (sorry I can’t remember who) that Jonathan Turley would be cueing this shit up any minute now. And here it is. What a dick.


turley forgot about the issue of “standing”. house has no standing to sue the President.
Case will be tossed, but not after a big waste of taxpayer money.


Republican have gotten drunk on stupidity - thinking that they can just relentlessly create mess, obstructions and destruction of the governmental process - and then if they ever had one of their own get elected, make what they created just vanish with a sweep of the hand .


So bored with the GOP tricks. They used endless hearings and accusations against the Clintons. Look how much money the GOP wasted on trying to get something to stick to Clinton. This is just same old, same old from the GOP dirty playbook.


Whatever happened to whole rational of having conservative judges because they would use restraint and not legislating from the bench?


The only power grab the GOP is going to get is their own crotches. And that is getting less powerful by the day.

“The President has gone too far”…

Sure he has…Obama hasn’t even lied us into a trillion dollar war yet what do they mean he’s gone to far?

If Republicans use this tactic, it’s just another step in their all consuming battle to obstruct President Obama in every way until they can hopefully (in their view) elect one of their own as president. It beats the hell out of me how anyone can vote for these people.

Shifting the balance of power to the judiciary is part and parcel to the systematic dismantling of our federal government which is what the far right extremists, who do the bidding of big corporations, came to Washington to do.

If this lawsuit achieves “standing,” then our checks and balance system will be rendered moot. Once that pillar is gone it won’t be long before our centralized government along with our system of democracy crumbles to the ground. Indeed a three-legged stool cannot stand on 2 legs Nor can a government with one or more of its pillars dislodged.

America’s future is so uncertain right now. Everything is hanging in the balance. Which way the pendulum swings is up to a mostly dumbed-down public, none the wiser, to decide. If Republicans are given power, chaos will ensue.

I hope Iam over-thinking this, but it is a possibility and it is plausible. The probability factor, however, remains to be seen.

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Turley said he voted for Obama in 2008 but believes he has gone too far in wielding executive power, arguing that his executive actions are
“threatening to make [the legislative branch] practically irrelevant.”

Seems to me that the Congress has been quite relevant in impeding the economic recovery, thanks to the stranglehold the Constitution has given it on the federal budget. Not that the authors of the Constitution ever envisioned that Congressional power would be so badly abused. The tea-party infested Congress won’t do anything that would speed up the recovery because they know that Obama would get too much of the credit for it.