Discussion: House Candidate Says He’d Prefer A Terrorist Attack To TSA Screenings

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Phrased stupidly, and his base will eat him alive for it, but the way American society was upended by a few thousand killed means that they really did win.


I’m very sorry for telling the truth about what I think and I hope the base will forgive me for my weakness in apologizing.


““As a Constitutional conservative, it angers me that we are giving up our liberty to the bureaucratic TSA and spying on our own people in the name of false security and that has to stop.””

As a pandering dillhole conservative, it angers me that we have a black man in the WH in control of the bureaucratic TSA and spying on our white people in the name of false security and that has to stop until a white male GOPer/Teatroll is put in the WH.



“In the heat of the moment, while making the point that I would much rather fight the enemy than our federal government, I said something stupid and should have chosen my words more carefully,” he said.

Which is why he’s running for office and not volunteering to join the service. Or something.


“Give me liberty or give me death.” – Patrick Henry (1775)

“I said something stupid.” – Bob Johnson (2014)

Truer words were never spoken by two of our greatest statesmen.


Added Johnson, “The truth is I am afraid that I would enjoy the fondling…You know, Republicans and airports, and all…”


$3 trillion immoral, unnecessary war and hundreds of thousands dead, so what? But, do not inconvenience me!


Seems to me that a politician who has no control over his inane utterances is unfit for public office. Of course, his sentiment is the height of narcissism and unthinking, uncompromising rightwing politics.


You should send that in a Tweet to his campaign and personal Twitter accounts. These scum of the Earth need to know how absolutely revolting they are.

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I would rather endure the TSA than another terrorist attack…but the TSA is pretty much irrelevant for preventing terrorist attacks. Once the cockpit doors were secured, it is no longer possible to commandeer an aircraft and use it as a missile. If a terrorist just wants to commander a vehicle and perform mayhem on the passengers, any bus or train will do. Or any shopping mall. The TSA is, for the most part, protecting us against a nonexistant threat.


And if I recall correctly, this is a result of the 911 attacks under GWB. Perhaps if GWB had kept us safe and not attacked Iraq and spawned a zillion new terrorists this would not be necessary at all.


Thank you … but we will not need to proceed any further with your job interview process. We will keep your information on file, but at this point you may consider your candidacy to be concluded.


Bob Johnson’s small johnson screen grabs from the Rapiscan machines are the talk of the TSA!

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You’re not the first person, Sparky, to criticize the usefulness and effect on our society of what Fallows calls “security theater.” So let’s make a deal. We dispense with the tyrannical deshoeings and all the rest of it, and if there is a terrorist incident, you get the Republicans to promise beforehand not to use that politically. Sound good? You know it does, but it’ll never happen. We can’t stop doing this useless nonsense because of your side. So shut up about liberty, umkay?


I don’t like the TSA searches, either, but you have no expectation of “liberty” when you get on an airplane with 100 other passengers. Do you want liberty? Drive from Georgia to Chicago.


TSA searches are certainly the most visible intrusion into our Civil Rights to come out of the Patriot Act, but they’re hardly the most serious.


When will Hasbro finally sue all the Republicans for infringing the Mr. Potato Head copyright?

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democrats are just as complicit… a while back, chuck schumer was advocating the same type of tsa security screenings for fucking trains. he appears to have backed off – for now. just imagine the billions more that could be shoveled to those contractors…

Waiting in the TSA line is sooooo much worse than waiting at the gate—mass murder would be preferable any day.