Discussion: House Bill To Avert Shutdown Clears Test Vote By A Razor-Thin Margin

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Sit. Stay. Work. Good dog.

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All these idiots saying “burn the place down over imgrints” secretly want it to pass, and will flip flop over to “yes votes” whenever it’s needed. What a surprise.

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Gee wonder why there was never a test vote on the jobs bill or an infrastructure bill or the minimum wage bill or the immigration bill or the healthcare bill???
wonder no more. The pic of bonehead says it all.


Why are Democrats only focusing on the parts that weaken financial reform? They should draw the line at making any policy changes as part of this spending bill. The bill also overturns DC marijuana legalization - a measure that passed with 70% approval. Congress should not be overturning the will of voters without any representation. This should be getting more attention, and would probably be a more persuasive argument for many people to oppose this bill. Even those that are against marijuana legalization will likely not be in favor of overturning a DC ballot measure through Congress.

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THANK YOU DEMOCRATS! Especially Speaker Pelosi, way to enforce party unity! I never thought I’d see the day. Let’s hope this trend continues.

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“If we don’t finish today we’re going to be here till Christmas.”

Welcome to having a job that actually requires you to do shit instead of show up for a little while and then take excessive vacations.


Bend over and spread 'em. Government is working.


It also allows the retirment of current retirees to be cut when the government has to fund a retirement fund that the Republican-owned company refused to fund before declaring bankruptcy. But who cares about actual human beings being harmed when we can get on our soapbox and yammer about the Shitbirds of Wall Street?

It is ESSENTIAL that the Dems do not vote for this monstrosity.

Make the Repubs own everything that is to come down the pike. The dog has finally caught up with that car and will find out what the fender tastes like.


THANK YOU. I think there is a ton of stupid shit in this bill that isn’t even being reported. I know of at least a couple that impact my niche area of public interest advocacy that haven’t been reported.

Is there anything congress loves more than a paid vacation?