Discussion: House Approves Bill To Cap Expenses For Ex-Presidents

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“$420,000 that year for Bush’s 8,237-square-feet office in Dallas. Clinton’s 8,300-square-feet space in New York cost nearly $415,000.”

Interesting that office space in New York is cheaper than Dallas. Makes you go hmmmmm…


Makes a lot of sense. There are not going to be any more Republican presidents.


I believe Clinton’s office is in Harlem, where property values are lower than in midtown or downtown; I’d guess that Bush’s is in a prime oil-money location.

And this actually seems like a perfectly reasonable idea for those who make serious post-presidency money; the headline had me reflexively thinking, “sure, now that we’ll have an ex-president who’s a you-know.”

@1audiofile: Amen…at least not until they’re no longer literally a mortal threat to the country.


Clearly aimed at Bill Clinton as Bush’s earnings pale in comparison even before this year’s election cycle where NO ONE wants to book him…he’s radioactive to Republicans just like his even dumber brother, JEB!

No Bush will ever earn as much as Bill nor Hillary after her 8 year term is up. That’s a fact. Chaffetz, aside from his Munster-family looks, is one of the most loathsome and partisan hacks around. One can bet this bill would have never occurred if a Republican had been president instead of Obama’s two terms.

I’ve a better idea. Give them one year’s salary for a one-termer, two years for a two-termer.
Nothing else. Period.
Chaffetz and his ilk would never go for this as it would hurt the Bush clan while Bill has far more money coming in and Carter could care less. You read it hear first!


That caught my eye, too. Makes you wonder who Shrub is renting his Pop-up-Book Clearinghouse from, don’t it?

I’m good with this — But they need to also suspend ALL compensation to anyone ever convicted of a war crime … period ! —

Sadly, no one in the Bush Crime Family will ever want, including Shrub and his stupid brother Marvin Neil ¡JEB!


The bill, approved on a voice vote, is aimed at former presidents such
as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush who earn millions of dollars through
speeches, book deals or other income.

Bullshit. Jason Chaffetz? Joni Ernst? They’re trying to stick it to the outgoing president.

And the Pigs in the Grumpy Old Party have a realistic expectation that Obama is going to sign this thing?
More of the Public’s time and money wasted. This group of Morons just might as well go back to trying to de-fund Planned Parenthood and shutting down Obamacare, for all the “good” that they will do anyone. That is until after the GOP wins the Election in November.
Then watch the wheels come off the American apple cart.

Wow, actual governance (regardless of possible ulterior motives).

The timing of this is verrrrry suspect.

It is ridiculous that we pay for such extravagance. Sure these dudes were President but it’s a job they wanted, weren’t forced into and the rest of the perks are plenty.

We only hire them for 8 years tops without any implied bonus schedule by us taxpayers. Give 'em a gold watch a 401 and the security and call it good. Or maybe their bennies could be based on a performance thing. In Bush’s case, he would owe us all many trillions but Obama would be at the top of the pay chart.

$400,000 in pension and benefits, about 10 times the average income even if they were not rich individuals to begin with. I’d like them to express the pension as a multiple of the average Social Security pension; if we prosper, our former leaders prosper, and if we starve, they’d be hurt at least enough to notice.

I won’t get to Obama. There are a number of Republican Senators opposed to this. It won’t get even 40 votes in the Senate.

This isn’t the only bill out there on this same subject matter: it’s just the one the GOP want sent up the Senate during this year. It won’t get onto the Senate calendar until after the election in November and then will be defeated.

Why don’t they do something about H.W. Bush drawing Social Security, a Navy Pension, a CIA pension, a Vice Presidential Pension, and a Presidential Pension, and he is worth $500 Million!


What the hell! Don’t they know office space in Nairobi is through the roof these days??

The pension and benefits were enacted to prevent the embarrassment of former President Harry Truman near bankruptcy. He had declined any corporate endorsement deals and if not for the sale of some family property would have had to go on the dole. His only income at one point was just over a $100 Army pension.

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Whew! Thanks, guys. I feel sooooo much safer now.

I hardly think this is any kind of priority for House action, given all the other urgent needs that House speaker paul ryan claims they don’t have time to attend to. But I can support it. I hope the Senate will also support it.