Discussion: Hotel That Launched Trump's First Big Manhattan Deal Will Be Torn Down

Good. Get rid of that piece of junk.

Donald Trump’s Grand Hyatt Hotel illustrates what’s wrong with development in New York
By WILLIAM MENKING • August 5, 2016

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…and bring plenty of salt, please.

His timing was near perfect, too.

And hopefully his luck will run out completely soon.

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It’s one ugly building in its current state and Hyatt isn’t exactly known for quiet good taste any more than orange guy.

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The lobby was so dingy it looked like a welfare hotel,” he wrote in “The Art of the Deal,”

Stop quoting The Art of the Deal as though it’s Trump’s words. Art was ghostwritten by an actual writer. There is good reason to doubt that Trump ever said most of what’s in that book. By law, it should come with a disclaimer that says, “Inspired by exchanges with Donald J Trump.”


I can imagine that one if not a direct quote, would be a derogatory way Donald would describe something he didn’t think was showy enough.

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If Donnie built it, I’m astounded it’s still standing…

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He just put lipstick, a lot of lipstick, plus eye shadow, etc. on a well built pig.

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I hope they implode it …

that seems fitting —

Since I well remember what an unbelievably shabby disaster the Commodore Hotel was, the tacky Grand Hyatt was a welcome improvement.