Discussion: Holder: Killing Of NYPD Officers An 'Unspeakable Act Of Barbarism'

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Holder is all talk. He may whine about “unspeakable acts of barbarism”, but he prosecuted none of the unspeakable acts of barbarism committed by the Bush administration, and he was too concerned about his employment prospects after he leaves government to prosecute any of the outright theft of trillions of dollars by Wall Street. So who gives a shit what Holder has to say?

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That is remarkably meandering and has absolutely nothing to do with the situation at bar.

“[B]ut he prosecuted none of the unspeakable acts of barbarism committed by the Bush administration” – do you honestly think that decision was left to Holder? What silly LEGO world do you inhabit?

But I thought Holder was supposed to be some racist piece of trash? And what about Sharpton?!! And Jackson!!!

I think we all know who the real racists are.

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There seems to be a bit of balance lacking in Holder’s concern. These cops were killed by one singular crazed man and that isn’t barbaric, it’s a crazy person’s thinking put into action. The black men that have been slaughtered are killed by a group of trained professionals that know better.


Great point. Holder’s comment is necessary but well said this was one crazy man with mental issues who shot and wounded his girl friend first then went & cowardly killed these brave officers in the line of duty then killed himself too. This is not a sane individual, even the Colorado killer was sane enough not to kill himself.
If anybody has blood on their hands in this it’s NRA for fighting Obama tooth & nail on tougher background checks for mentally unstable people.
Sure, cops are brave & should not be killed in the line of duty for putting their lives on the line but neither should unarmed 12 YO and numerous unarmed black teens.
There needs to be better training & some accountability when cops jump the gun too.

No disclaimer on the, “jump the gun” line, really : )

lol, yeah. It just seemed appropriate word play here. Cops are NOT saints above everybody else & I find it actually disturbing some people are acting like it.
The diff is cops are always armed, that’s their advantage even when they are ambushed but many unarmed citizens whose lives should be protected by cops are murdered under suspicion of being armed when they’re not. That holds more sway for me personally. So, what to say.
All lives matter, something needs to be done & demagoguery not a solution.
I don’t know what to say here. Two trained professionals are murdered on duty which I agree is indefensible & horrid, but seriously that’s the unspeakable act of Barbarism but driving up & shooting down a 12 YO kid playing with a toy gun is NOT? Wow. This world really? I don’t know. You just have to cry for us as a people, just cry.
It’s so full of BS, it’s pathetic.