Discussion: Holder Expects To Challenge GOP Voting Measures In Ohio, Wisconsin

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Good! It’s important to get on this pronto!


Excellent! I think voter suppression efforts is one of the biggest sleeper issues of the day. My beloved home state of Wisconsin used to be the standard bearer for all things voter-friendly. I am ashamed of the current GOP’s mockery of these rights.


FFS, get on with it, dude.

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Holder for President! '16

go eric!!!

Husted makes me physically ill. I once saw him at an
event and my brother actually grabbed me fearing
an ugly confrontation. I never would have gone near him–
I wouldn’t want to get slime on me.


Especially with the governor at the forefront of these new laws being knee-deep in corruption as the focus of a Fed investigation. The more we learn the more it seems that old Scott has run a corrupt shop since day one of his career.

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Are you referring to AG Holder?

It’s really time for national standards on voting and elections, instead of this apartheid/not-apartheid patchwork we have.

Election Day should be a national holiday, or be moved to Saturday.

Voter ID can be allowed, but any state using voter-ID must also pay for the ID as well as ALL supporting documentation required to get the ID.

Early voting within a week of the election. Absentee ballots on request without qualifier.

“Poll watchers” banned within 100 feet of the polls, as well electioneering in the same radius.

Reapportionment by nonpartisan commission with guidelines similar to California’s nonpartisan redistricting which stresses, in order of priority: A) one-man/one-vote, B) compliance with the VRA, C) geographic contiguity, D) geographic integrity, and E) geographic compactness – but specifically bans consideration of political parties and their wishes.

Any kind of electoral tampering (voter caging, election fraud, dummies getting mysteriously locked in the courthouse with the ballots) as a Class-A Felony.

I can come up with much more, but clearly it’s time for federal leadership on this because it’s obvious that the states are too partisan to do this up fairly.

Dummies like to contend that the 2A is our #1 defense against “tyranny”. I disagree – our vote is the #1 defense, and if it’s compromised or the system is gamed, we’re fucked.