Discussion: Hillary's Challenge: Can Clinton Be Political Again And Stay Popular?

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“I remember very well my husband being in the White House, making some hard choices that were not popular at the time but being able to persevere, and everybody could see the results.”

Choices…like giving America the shaft with NAFTA.

As first lady, Hillary Clinton publicly supported her husband’s position. In 1996, in a visit with unionized garment workers, she said the words Obama now quotes. “I think everybody is in favor of free and fair trade. I think NAFTA is proving its worth,” said Clinton, according to an Associated Press report.

Clinton wrote positively of her husband’s efforts on NAFTA in her memoir “Living History,” published in 2003:

“Creating a free trade zone in North America — the largest free trade zone in the world — would expand U.S. exports, create jobs and ensure that our economy was reaping the benefits, not the burdens, of globalization. Although unpopular with labor unions, expanding trade opportunities was an important administration goal.”

And now she’s very busy pushing the TPP, NAFTA on steroids.

You know who ISN’T all for gutting what is left of America’s economy in the name of “Free Trade”? Elizabeth Warren.

A staunch supporter of fair trade, Sen. Warren has been extremely vocal in her fight against “free trade” agreements. She’s rallied against the Korean – U.S. “free trade” agreement (KOR-US) a number of times, and has recently been heard speaking out against the highly secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), calling for greater transparency during negotiations. In fact, she has even sent a letter to President Barack Obama’s nominee to head U.S. trade negotiations that detailed her concerns about President Obama’s lack of transparency in the TPP negotiations.

Hillary is a tool of global corporatism. No thanks.

Gee, I hope no right-wing operatives pretending to be far-left radicals take a thread-jacking dump on this story, vomiting out the excess bile generated by their Hillary Derangement Syndrome…yeah, I really hope that doesn’t happen here…

On a related note,

Science confirms: Online trolls are horrible people (also, sadists!)

I think it is natural for her approval rating to drop while she does not hold a government office and is not showing up, personally, in the news on a regular basis. I’d expect more respondents to move into the “don’t know” column as they think back, in the very short memory the public has, for some reason to approve or not approve.

I hope when she begins to run, she is very careful how she chooses her words with regard to racial and gender politics. As a strong woman running for President, her job with women will only be to not lose them, most will start out on her side.

Maryland is a blue state, but we had a Republican governor for a while. I blame a lot of that on Kathleen Kennedy Townsend’s stump speech where she went on and on about how she was going to be the champion for women and minorities, leaving the male democrats and the white democrats to wonder, would she also represent them? I think that she left enough democratic voters unmotivated to make Ehrlich governor.

More recently, I got a campaign email from Donna Edwards with a similar line that she would “fight for Women and their families”. So what about the men? I like her. I’ve spoken with her. I think her personal integrity is very high and she will actually represent all her constituents, so I hope she’s so strong in her district that she can win in spite of this slight to half her constituents.

Any politician starts with a home team advantage with the race and gender they are, they need to reach out to what they are not. For Hillary, the people she will need to convince will be men and people of color, the pumas are already on her side and spoiling for a rematch.

Saturday Night Live captured the essence of Hillary very well in this sketch of “Hardball” awhile back::

Chris Matthews: What is it you saw in Iraq?

Hillary Clinton: This. [she points a newspaper graphic] It’s from the International Herald Tribune

Chris Matthews: [Newspaper graphic goes up] Hillary’s Support of War Hurts Her with Party Base; Obama Surges to Lead in Latest Poll of Democrats [shouts] That’s not good. And this newspaper is what you saw in Iraq?

Hillary Clinton: Exactly. It came free in my hotel room along with U.S.A. Today.

Chris Matthews: So, what’s your new plan for Iraq?

Hillary Clinton: Chris, this week I’ll introduce a resolution calling for a greatly speeded up withdrawal of U.S. forces with a specific trigger mechanism. For every 1 point increase in senator Obama’s pole numbers, 7,500 U.S. troops will have to be withdrawn. Of course, if his pole numbers should collapse, or, if he drops out of the race, the troops can stay in Iraq.

Chris Matthews: I get it, but what about those democratic primary voters who are still upset about your initial vote for the war?

Hillary Clinton: Chris, I think most democrats know me. They understand that my support for the war was always insincere. Of course, knowing what we know now, that you could vote against the war and still be elected president, I would never have pretended to support it.

That’s the conventional wisdom. But remember, she lost the Democratic Primary to Senator Obama.

Rest easy on that. She and her husband have solid reputations and histories on those subjects. There is no reason to believe that she has changed a bit in that respect.

Really? What specific misandrist concerns do you have in regards to a female candidates?

Hillary Clinton is and has been in fine shape with minorities. And, Democratic and Liberal men will vote for her because they either like her as a candidate, or because the GOP is a solidly misogynistic, racist and bigoted group of traditionalists, IMHO.

However, your concern is duly noted.

Her support for the Iraq war is what cost her the election, in case you are forgetting that. Is it “deranged” to mention her voting record?

So, in a way, Tomasky is right. Her Iraq war vote is not and “old non-scandal” at all , it’s more of a true illustration of who she is.

A hawk.

Putting your overwhelming Hillary Derangement syndrome aside for a second, what candidate would you propose that has a greater that fifty per cent chance of ensuring that the White House does not fall into Republican hands nor that a Republican has an opportunity to add another Scalia, Thomas or Alito to the SCOTUS?

Try to be pragmatic with your answer, ideals are nice things but voting them can have severe consequences.

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It’s true. Otherwise, voting for Bernie Sanders would make sense. It still makes good liberal sense, but bad political sense in the short-term, since one more GOP POTUS might be all it takes to end progress and hope for peace for generations. We cannot take that risk. Hillary stands currently as the best option available for the majority of us that want progress to survive.

You are presenting a false choice.

Simply because I don’t have a short list of candidates that would be sure winners does not mean that discussing Hillary’s many, MANY warts is somehow off the table.

Here’s a great example:

Clinton is fully behind the TPP. She’s running around giving speeches about how great it is

Liz Warren is against it.

Warren on Trans-Pacific Partnership: If people knew what was going on, they would stop it

I still think there is time to draft Elizabeth Warren, which is part of the reason I will continue to point out the many flaws with Clinton. Clinton is more of a last-ditch thing when every other alternative has been tried.

If you think Clinton’s awesome, then good for you! Sing her praises daily. You’ll have plenty of company.

I’d be seriously excited to have Warren as the candidate!

But if what was not inevitable before now becomes inevitable I’m prepared to suck it up and vote Hillary.

Perhaps you would find a better use for your time promoting Warren’s possible candidacy and liberating yourself from wasting time on Hillary.

Perhaps you would be better off simply posting your own opinions and give up your career as an annoying message board hall-monitor?

Just an idea.

Why, you getting a rash?

How’s about you just do your dead level best to stay on topic and be civil, any chance of you doing that?

teh hall monitor chuckle…