Discussion: Hillary On Calling Monica Lewinsky A 'Narcissistic Loony Toon:' No Comment

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jfc… stop. just stop with this stupid shit.

The majority of Americans were over it on about its second day back in the 1990s.


I used to think House of Cards was a perfect sendup of DC culture. But now I’m wondering if Game of Thrones is closer to the reality.

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For the campaign they might want to get the series re-issue of ‘Twin Peaks’…

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LOL, feeling your pain! jfc says it all!

Come on, you know it’s all about the “stupid shit”. The pandering is just so fucking nauseating. Leadership is all I want. Keep the bj histories to yourself and stop pushing the “look how young and vibrant I look” pics on Old People magazine.

Oh Elizabeth, please… I can’t stands it no more!

Yeah? Well the TEABAGGERS aren’t over it!!! And THEY were married to him so I think they have a little bit bigger interest than Hi…what?


Never mind.

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but is she over Macho Grande?

Baking cookys is great therapy, isn’t it, Hills!