Discussion: Hillary Clinton To Address Use Of Private Email Today In News Conference

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This news conference will not help since the media is determined to make this the central focus of her candidacy, because 1) they are lazy and, 2) they already have their narrative in place.

Nothing she says or does will satisfy that beast. This is what I hate about the intersection of politics and the media most. Hyping stories of very little concern to the public…but which then becomes the most talked about empty bullshit on TV because…1) they are lazy and, 2) they already have their narrative in place.

I hope she can keep her calm. I was attracted to No Drama Obama for a reason. I want her to keep her composure and show that if there’s any drama to be had, its the one the media is intent on drumming up.


The GOP/Teatrolls will have to one-up this somehow. Save some popcorn for the congressional hearings and her subpoena to appear as a witness grandstanding prop.


Let me get this straight; the Teatards are perfectly OK with torture, but you’re in a heap of trouble if your emails are on the wrong server?

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Whatever she says will be manipulated and examined. It will be used against her. The beast will not be satisfied. I can just hear some of the “gotcha” questions right now. Using personal email is quicker, faster, and safer. The opposition will not be satisfied will that answer!

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Make a short and simple statement: “I have turned over every email that did not go straight to another member of the State Department. The emails that remain pertain to personal business. If you want to see them, then you’re going to need a warrant. Good day.”


Already set up, Prince Rebus wants physical possession of the server so an ‘independent’ can pick through the server.

The media can’t wait for this press conference, They are like a pack of vultures,

So this is simply a way to play “gotcha politics” at Clinton’s expense? Tell you what, tell your boss you want a private e-mail domain created and your own private server, and see what happens.