Discussion: Hillary Clinton Talks Faith, Foreign Policy

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Well done.

And she’s running, no matter what happens in the midterms.

Nothing like a good sky fairy talk to prove her Xtian chops.

God she’s awful. I really hope someone else steps up to the plate, because she will be nothing but a tool for corporate rule and more bloodshed.


Some of the most loathesome humanoid dreck claim that Hillary is a corporatist and militant. But these tiny-brained faux-liberals are simply compensating for their microphallic conditions brought on by inbreeding and monochromatic exposure.

Yup, only liberal-hating, women-bashing *****bots with no intelligence and pure malice are attacking Hillary Clinton–because she frightens them, and they don’t want the rest of us to know that they are very afraid.
But they aren’t fooling anyone.


I hope UG got the message


I could have guessed he would come here just to bash her. He hasn’t been around for a long time. His ilk only show up to bash Hillary and Obama


The trolls that lurk here always converge on Hillary, because they are terrified that she will be the next POTUS.

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Hillary IS a corporate warmonger, a Walmart bred, free trade loving tool for the 1%.

And that’s a fact.

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Ok, it’s obvious you do not like her. She’s not my ideal candidate either but she is going to run and she will win. However if you wish to self flagellate for the next ten years then please proceed.


No, it’s not that I don’t like her, as a person.

What I don’t like are the Neoliberal free-trade policies and warmongering that she is so fond of.

Watch her and fellow warmonger James Baker chuckle about bombing Iran:

Hilarious! Right?

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Sanders/Warren 2016
Or vice versa


That would be an awesome ticket. Authentic liberals and populists, not Neoliberal Tools for the 1% like Obama and Hillary.

It’s amazing the lengths that some persons will go to in order to make other people think they are something they are not–Hillary stands apart from those phonies. But that won’t stop them from bashing her–they hate liberals and women. It’s easy to spot them here.

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Yeah, Hillary posing as an actual liberal is pretty pathetic.

Hey, we agree on something! ( high fives all around)

That would be a good ticket but it would also have a zero chance of winning. I like Bernie enough to get his newsletters but the pragmatist in me is convinced that he’d be un-electable even here in left leaning Oregon let alone the center of the country. I do not want to give the GOTP any chance at all of winning in 2016 when the next president could have the opportunity to appoint one or more Justices.

IMHO the presidency is largely irrelevant in comparison to the SCOTUS right now.


Exactly correct and Elizabeth has said she is not running no matter how many times you ask her and Bernie Sanders has about as much chance of being on a winning ticket as I do and I probably have a better chance. I am not inclined to ordain Hillary but I do believe she can beat any repuke out there and to Unfading Green, if you don’t like Hillary, how much do you like Rand Paul and Jeb Bush*

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Hillary is desperately flailing to at least save her legacy. She is done and she knows it. Dems are going to third-party candidates in huge crowds, they want to send the message they don’t want another incompetent liar.

President Rand Paul. Sounds mighty nice.

Dr. Paul sounds good to me. The People are tired of socialism, we want freedom.

I despise Hillary and her destructive Neoliberalism, But Rand Paul is going nowhere. Fast.

Your a Bush man? Jeb is already more qualified than the Bammer. Any way, no Dem can win.