Discussion: Hillary Clinton Releases Explainer On Her Personal Email Use

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This provides a pretty good prism for through which to view HRC …

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Last word on this. So, Benghazi bullshit is swirling around you and you know they have the long knives out and sharpened, and ,yes, the law places the burden of disclosure on the official in this case, but… You decide to call in your personal attorneys to decide what’s relevant and delete the rest? Hold on! You’re the Hillary friggin’ Clinton, former Secretary of State and Presidential hopeful and the Republicans are on you like white on rice!

Doesn’t it occur to you to bring in someone to oversee the process who would be considered beyond reproach? How about a Republican like Alan Simpson for this. How about Chief Justice Roberts? Why not close this door forever and not give them the ammunition?

No, they go with the in-house Clinton legal team.

At least concede the point that this is ridiculously stupid and out of character for this machine.

(Transplanted from the other thread because I’m fucking done with getting deliberately misinterpreted by people looking to ignore the political implications and reflexively defending this)

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Nine pages of shovel work which ought to be reduced to nine words:
I did it. I broke the law. So what?


Someone beyond reproach Alan Simpson. Come on, you can’t be serious. you must be kidding.


Total bullshit. No law was broken nor even any Agency policy. In short you are talking out your ass.


Or she could have just come out and said “I did it because the .gov email was totally pwned and even a private email server would be better as long as it was fresh”. There is no way in hell anyone in her position is going to say anything about chinese, russian and n. korean hackers, but you just have to assume they are reading everything at this point.

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Normally, yeah I’d agree with you.
But in this case, I’d trust him to play square.

Hillary is a big bold liar.

She set the email account up when she first became secretary of state. It would have been perfectly easy to have set up both a personal and work account. No need to blend the two together other than the confusing effect it makes for those who might go through the emails later.

Her line that it was inconvenient to have two devices for two email accounts is incredible.

“I chose not to keep my private personal emails”

She got rid of them like a hot potato only after she went through the emails she needed send to State. It looks bad.

All self inflicted. All feeding the flames of Clinton fatigue.


Cruz vs Warren 2016!

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Thats the trouble. No one else (and Warren has been pretty clear its not her) is stepping up because Hillary is hogging all the air.

There’s more of this bungling in Hillary. Just what we need when the GOP have both congress and the high court. Its going to suck watching Hillary hand the White House over.

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Of course there is more bungling in Hillary. I can’t think of a single ‘positive’ memorable moment from any Hillary Clinton campaign. She’s awful at campaigning. She surrounds herself with a close group of advisers, and totally insulates herself. Nothing she says is natural. Everything is scripted. And the minute they go off script, she and her team become a total mess. Almost look amateurish.

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Horseshit. The only Clinton “fatigue” is making “scandals” out of innocuous events. The MSM thrives on the creation of Clinton “drama”, and many buy into that nonsense. HRC explained what occurred, quite well. There is no “there”, there.

Despite all this nonsense, both she and Bill Clinton are immensely popular. If she decides to run, she will be President.


Oh, I agree she’ll win the popular vote, but It’s those pesky electoral college thingies that would worry me.

This issue is bringing up the complicated feelings we have about her … Was she really a good campaigner against Obama four years ago, or were we just withholding favor until Obama showed who he was? Her instincts don’t seem to be getting any better. The fact that she didn’t see this coming makes me wonder how sharp she is these days. When was the last time she said anything of note?

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She doesn’t have to explain anything. After the impeachment proceedings, I’d keep everything private, too. Only makes sense when you are dealing with Republicans snakes. Besides, everyone understands that the GOP wants to impeach her before she’s even elected because they can’t impeach Obama…and couldn’t convict Bill.

It’s been one fake outrage after another since Obama took office because Republicans can’t do anything right and must deflect attention from themselves. Democratic women like Eleanor Roosevelt have always been villainized by Republicans who feel insecure around competent women.


She was laying low. This was to be the Not So Calm before the storm. And she’s enjoying the grandchild which can only endear her more to women voters. She’s been through this so many times in the past.

I think she did great today by being blatantly honest and selfish…it was more convenient for her. We all understand that. It’s human nature. And lets be frank here, being selfish is really second nature to conservatives. I think they doth protest silly when they would have done the same thing…if they had thought of doing it first.

When they have an independent agent go over the hard drive, I hope there are hundreds of photos of the grandchild to be leaked to eager women voters.

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If the first woman president is denied victory because of the Electoral College, it will be gone within another generation… and the ERA will be passed in those last two states before the next election.

There are some things that are best not discussed so openly before an election when the opposition can organize against them and use such a strategy as a club on the perpetrators contemplating the theft. Just a rumor that this would be a GOP plot would lose them two or three purple states.

It occurs to me there may be NO ONE who is beyond reproach in this ridiculously partisan case. These days, everyone has a stake and everyone has a tribe they must defend - Alan Simpson, CJ Roberts or anyone else you can name. Even if that perfectly objective reviewer could be found, the RWNJ media would scream bias anyway.

There is no resolution to this non-scandal that satisfies everyone. It’s just another test of how juggernaut Hillary can tough her way through yet another substanceless accusation and emerge on the other end ready to run for president.


She explains what she did. No law was broken. So you’re half right.

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