Discussion: Hillary Clinton Outlines How 'Workers' Rights Would Suffer' Under Kavanaugh

Man, I would give my left…pinky finger to see Hillary testify against Kavanaugh at the confirmation hearings. For about 11 hours!


I hereby remove my reservations about HRC getting back into political life. Please, more of this!


More than a little disingenuous. What has Hillary ever done for workers, white and Black? The “deplorables” abandoned her in droves in 2016. But then, her poor campaign rhetoric aside that stripped the Democrats’ usual double talk, she’s not at all outside the mainstream in labor policies, no more than her husband was.

Damn, she’s good. Articulate, reasoned. Put any of these tweets against you know who.


Wonderfully done. Now HRC just needs to expound on Kavanagh’s impact on Roe v. Wade, civil rights, voting rights, environmental protection, etc,etc,etc…


Well if folks couldn’t past her emails we might not be in this mess

If we have lost the Courts, our only alternative is to gain the Congress and get Citizens United overturned by law. No excuses - every eligible citizen must vote!


Yes, yes, we know – if only she promised all out support for unions, government provided healthcare, $15 minimum wage and guaranteed income, GOP would run away scared and we would all live happily ever after. But she did not do it because she is just as bad as Trump. </sarcasm>

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