Discussion: Hillary Clinton: No Reason To Continue Benghazi Investigations

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‘Please don’t throw us in the briar patch!’

Oh she IS diabolical, that Hillary. Of course she would love to see the GOP waste time on this foolishness right through 2016. Of course she doesn’t think they will pay her any heed.

I good opening volley across the bow of the Rethuglicans in Congress, who are doing this for purely political reasons. She acknowledges that is it the Rethuglicans that are choosing to do this, and tells them that they have the ultimate power to do this, and gives them the rope to hang their reputations upon a futile and foolish investigation. Hillary knows that 95% of America is satisfied knowing the ugliness of that tragedy and have moved on to more important matters while Rethuglicans in Congress will continue to shoot their credibility and integrity in the foot, over and over in wasteful, useless , show-trial hearings. Why are Rethuglicans more angry at Hillary than at the terrorists that killed our brave men in Lybia? Oh we know, they don’t like the idea that Hillary just might well be our next President, and that makes Rethuglicans very very sad and oh so angry.

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So Hillary thinks a 14th Benghazi investigation is unnecessary, huh?


Hillary is perhaps the only Democrat who should remain silent on this matter. She is the real target of this “investigation”, and anything she says will be twisted into some variant of “What is she trying to hide?”.


Damned if she does; damned if she doesn’t.

She’s smart, experienced and mature. She’ll be fine.


GOP: Reason?? We don’t need no stinkin’ reason!!