Discussion: Hillary Clinton: Don't Vote For People Who Refuse To Compromise

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Good for Hillary for stating the obvious! More politicians should be shouting this from the roof tops.


The ‘incompetent’ word is not far off now. We already have the ‘kook’ one

That’s a tough pill to swallow for the extremists. It defines them to never compromise their insane principles. The willingness to compromise is a trait of mature personalities–those don’t exist on the right–only on the left.


Ready For Hillary in 2016.


Hillary is right, of course, but Barack tried to work with the current Republicans in Congress. They refused to compromise even when he started with their own ideas.

I guess she is saying don’t vote for Republicans.


Shooting at boot hill and the saloon door at the same time. New Sheriff in town.

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hey I vote for that!!! lol

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More don’t vote for the extreme GOP and if you think about it, vote for me. The statement is applicable to the idiots on the right and the wet hens on the left. Ralph and Bernie are probably on the phone, fuming.

Lack of compromise has a LOT of people in washington considering bringing BACK earmarks…
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Discussion for article #222443

More specifically, Democrats compromise and Republicans never do now.

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Right, because the golden mean fallacy is exactly what we need when one party is trying to destroy the government while the other is just trying to govern. This is the same idiocy that got us welfare “reform” and Glass–Steagall. Of course, why wouldn’t Clinton try to speak to our political culture’s hard-on for “centrism,” as she’s never been anything but disingenuous before?


Oh they’re plenty on the left that subscribe to that same idiocy, you see them on here all the time, saying that basically any concession is evil. Makes me wonder how those people operate in their own lives. Do their bosses, significant others, children, parents, etc. all give them exactly what they want all the time? Must be nice if that’s the case.

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Sounds like that is what she IS saying

Yes, make sure to only vote for those who promise to collude with each other, on both “sides” of the aisle, to further corporate and monied interests at your interest’s expense, it’s your only choice!


Oh yay! More happy faced bipartisan screwing of the American people.

Playing nice with Republicans worked out so well for Obama, what’s another 8 years?

If you’ve got a straw man you want to keep, better bring it inside when Hillary Clinton comes to town.

Nobody on our side is saying don’t compromise. We’re saying don’t compromise basic principles of equality and fairness. But corporate Democrats like the Clintons and Obama understand that their only value to the Masters of the Universe is to deliver enough Democrats to keep their power intact. So they spend all their life hippie-punching. How stupid would we have to be to buy this lame act again?

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sigh and the self-parody of the LWNJs begins.

Keep playing that fiddle…

That’s Hillary for ya, stating the obvious, saying nothing. A year from now Obama won’t be able to get a word in. It will be like revisiting the wall to wall Britney Spears drama. Noooooooooooo!!!