Discussion: Hillary Clinton Defends Her Email Use In Fox News Interview (VIDEO)

Into the Liar’s Den. Unafraid.

Meanwhile Trump whines about how “unfair” the media is, bans reporters and entire news organizations that have irritated his very thin, very sensitive skin.

One of these people is ready for the pressures of the presidency, the other is not even able to handle the pressures of running a campaign.


She probably did as well as she can. She is going to get these questions, especially from Fix Schmooze and its allies. But by now, most people are getting tired of what Bernie Sanders called six months ago, “your damned emails.”


Didn’t Comey tell Congress that Hillary did not lie to the FBI?


Trump can’t even do a 2 hour debate without whining .
Try 10 hrs in front of a congressional investigation.
She has more balls than Donald ever will.

We will also note he’s already looking for a way out of the debates with his “rigged” comment.
Donald , everything is rigged against you when you’re a pathological liar


The Anti-Cruelty Society should pay a call on the GOP.
They keep beating dead horses.


But Faux News is not interested in truth, they are only interested in spreading the propaganda.


It may be time for Hillary to try a new tack on this absurd email scandal. Something like:

“Look, I’ve addressed the email thing a million times. Google it. But I’m delighted that you’ve brought up the question of electronic security, because we have a real problem there, a problem that’s fundamental to the security of this nation. We have learned from the FBI that systematic and partially successful attempts are being made in Russia to hack into the electronic communications of the Democratic party. And Donald Trump has openly asked Moscow to keep doing this.” And then say something pithy about a new Putin-Trump axis of evil. Go there. Not least because it’s true.


How the fuck is HRC saying she made a mistake and won’t do it again a defense of her actions ?

Another meme going viral with the wingnuts is the claim that the Democrats supported unrestricted access to abortions up to the 37th week of pregnancy. My niece mentioned this to me a few weeks ago, and said she was very concerned.

Since then, it has been popping up on Facebook and other places. But there is no basis for this claim.

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A line I’ve repeated several times to various ill-informed friends and relatives: “Before you go getting all riled up about something, you owe it to yourself to make sure that the thing you’re getting all riled up about is actually true.”


In this interview Hillary was asked about sending confidential emails. Comey exonerated her of this charge in his testimony, saying in a very technical way there was a tiny and inconsequential transfer of material used as footnotes with C’s in parenthesis. This was almost unreported. Joe Scarborough this morning was saying how Hillary obviously lied. If Clinton obviously lied, it would be all over the TV. If there is a scandal here, google the Joe Scarborough scandal.
Hillary’s untrustworthy numbers are a creation of her political enemies.


Hillary’s got a surplus of these babies…


This interview was a remarkably stupid thing to do. If she wanted to know how Wallace conducts “interviews” of Democrats she just had to review the one he did if her husband. In that one his sole purpose was to drive in the canard Bill Clinton didn’t do anything as POTUS to stop Al Q. We all know about “wagging the dog” and the Aspirin Factory. At that time the GOP’s major thrust to blame 9/11 on Clinton. Now their major thrust is to paint HRC “not trustworthy”. So here comes Wallace with the “lied to the American people” right on cue. What Comey said during a congressional interview of him was “No I don’t think Sec. Clinton lied”. He agreed the 3 out of 33,000 emails marked classified was a very small number and could been innocently overlooked. In his “presser” Comey, a Republican, took an unprecedented opportunity to cast Clinton as reckless and irresponsible and that “that server could have been hacked” ( opinions ) but did not claim she endangered the USA or that she lied. He said there was nothing to prosecute. Look what Wallace made of that and you can bet it’s going to stick.

I understand that going on FOX shows her willingness to step into the fire and take the heat. It contrasts her with Trump who insists the media mollycoddle him else he throws a fit. But Clinton should have known FOX, certainly the odious Wallace, had other plans. The take away from this mess is Clinton lied. And then lied on FOX about lying. Watch the FOX’ers repeat this clip with faked exasperation, looking under their brows, and “Oh I can’t believe it crap”.

There’s no audience for a Democrat on FOX. If there was ever a joint that rigged the media its FOX. She should have known better.


What’s she concerned about? No one is going to force her to get an abortion at any stage of a pregnancy. But good luck trying to rehabilitate folks that get their information from FaceBook.

But I doubt she really believes what she says. She wants to and the GOP’ers know that. She needs to. It makes things easy for her. She’ll vote for a liar, know she’s doing that but feel good about it. She will never come back.

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It always was a phony issue, but she waited too long to address it, hoping it would go away.

FBI Director James Comey said that “none of those things that you told the American public were true.”…this is bull.

What Comey did was chastise HRC for carelessness. Something he wouldn’t have done to Colin Powell but I’m getting a little tired of constantly telling MEN to stop talking down to women. If you have something to say, SAY IT and stop the condescending BS.


During the Comey hearings two points of clarification were reveiled.

  1. There were only 3 emails out of 52,000 that had any confidentional markings on them and they were phone call sheets that were not marked with a classiied header, or identified the person who originated it, the date of origination or the termination date of the classification. They only had a small ©. Comey knew this but did bot mention it until the State department provided clarification to the comittee.
  2. The hundred emails that were not marked classied bur contained what he said was classied information were about the drone program. The information had been published in the NY Times already. DUH…



I worked for the State Department for many years and had my share of security violations (almost everybody does). Violations were always rescinded if the document was not clearly marked with a classification as a header and footer of the document. You were never expected to figure out for yourself whether a document was classified.

And in any case, violations were always handled administratively and resulted, at worse, in a letter of reprimand in your personnel file. Only if espionage was suspected would it become a criminal investigation.


Hillary Clinton defended her use of email as secretary of state, which
has come under renewed scrutiny now that the FBI did not recommend
> charges against Clinton.

What a bizarre country we live in.