Discussion: Hillary Accuses NPR Host Of 'Playing With My Words'On Gay Marriage Support"

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Hillary Derangement Syndrome from in-house faux-liberal conservative trolls in 3,2,1…


So a woman standing up for herself and expecting to heard and not have her words manipulated is “snapping” at the interviewer. BS.


As a 53 year old gay man, I too “did not grow up even imagining gay marriage.”

When I came out in the '80’s, the clubs in Dallas still turned on the fluorescent lights so we’d know the police were coming in to arrest anyone even touching someone of the same-sex.

We were just trying hoping for an evening out without looking over your shoulder.


And then did NPR interview the Family Research Council? That would be typical for these stories. NPR is fluff + idiotic fluff + some news + a touch of right wingery.


“I did not grow up even imagining gay marriage and I don’t think you did either," she said. "This was an incredible new and important idea that people on the front lines of the gay right movement began to talk about and slowly, but surely, convinced others about the rightness of that position. When I was ready to say what I said, I said it.”

This is exactly right. To come out in support of something on an arbitrary day does not mean that you “opposed” that thing on every preceding day.

Hillary is older than I am, but not by that much, and I too probably never considered the issue of gay marriage until the last decade or so.

And given that, I was largely ambivalent about it for the majority of that time. In no way does my lack of prolonged studious consideration of the issue, one which could scarcely impact me, diminish my unwavering present support for it.


Man, I didn’t listen to FA today because these “book tour” interviews are singularly uninformative. But I have heard HRC sounding pretty prickly in her responses to other interviewers, and it’s awfully early in campaign to be so defensive.
(There’s first dose of “Hillary Derangement Syndrome” for you 538. Please don’t “throw me under the bus” because I haven’t “drank the Kool Aid”.)


You say defensive, I say declarative.


I wouldn’t call this a heated exchange. Terry Gross introduced the topic with an assumption. Clinton simply corrected and clarified her stance and evolution on the matter.

Frankly, it seemed an honest exchange. They were hardly throwing rhetorical chairs as is so common among “talking heads” these days.


I think you have to take HRC at her word. To insinuate all sorts of self-serving political motives to a politician is kind of foolish on the face of it. They are, after all, politicians. She said she came to support marriage equality when she was ready to, and she did. Question asked and answered.


Yeah, I was listening to the broadcast. Hillary got a little testy, but she still wouldn’t answer Terry’s question directly.


Defensive, Declarative,
Let’s call the whole thing off…

Well, at least TPM didn’t say HRC was bitching at the reporter.


Terry Gross is the best of the best.


This reminds me of when she accused that man in Nashua of being a plant

Some would argue that Ms Clinton owes her political career to Drudge. In 1998, the humiliation of her husband’s affair with the White House intern led to an outpouring of sympathy for the first lady. Her approval ratings soared, the image of the calculating political spouse blurred. The idea of running for the Senate, which Ms Clinton had been pondering, seemed less of a long shot. She launched her campaign early the next year.

Aside from the bond with Drudge, however, her relationship with the media has remained frosty. In the early primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa, she has reportedly permitted just one unscripted press conference since announcing her campaign last January. Other candidates routinely have two or even three such media “availabilities” a day.

Ms Clinton’s events typically also allow less time for questions from the audience than the other Republican and Democratic contenders. At an event in New Hampton, Iowa earlier this month, she was obliged to apologise to a man she accused of asking questions planted by her opponents.

She simply doesn’t have the temperament to handle being questioned.


I did not grow up imagining such a concept as “Gay Marriage” either. Even when I lost two cousins to AIDS in the 1980s the concept never crossed my mind even as I became pretty vocal about partners in such relationships having the same rights as conventionally married couples such as rights to one another’s Social Security survivor benefits, shared property, insurance coverage and all other legal conventions afforded traditional marriages.

I only began to think in terms of same sex marriage in the 1990s.


Perhaps she could get some pointers from Chris Christie or John McCain.



I’ll admit, I only listen to All Things Considered & Morning Addition – it’s when I’m in the car.


How about you? Are you going to answer the questions that I asked of you at




or are you simply going to be the artful dodger like Libs?


You know, I think she knows exactly what she is doing. She is putting the press on notice that she isn’t going to be pushed around or have words put in her mouth, or all sorts of ulterior motives ascribed to her without pushing back. I am a big Obama supporter, but I do think he would have served himself better by showing some spunk earlier on, when the crowd that wanted to make him a “one term president” started trying to bully him.