Discussion: 'He's Been A Flamethrower': Gay GOPer Irks Both Left And Right

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[The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund] said DeMaio never sought its endorsement, which is a necessary first step to getting it.

If you have an explicit mission to elect certain candidates, why have that policy? It’s not like you’re the MacArthur Foundation or Skull & Bones.

TPM: Carl DeMaio figures he must be doing something right if both social conservatives and members of the gay rights community oppose him. “It means you’re right in the middle where the American people are,” DeMaio, who is gay, said in a recent interview.

Or, you know, it could mean you’re an annoying asshole.

Really. It could go either way.


I live in the district, and can assure you that he is an unlikeable opportunist.

His biggest problem, though, is that the incumbent pseudo-Democrat is already pretty close to a dream candidate for the Chamber of Commerce, defense contractors, and other groups in the Federal-dollars-for-me-not-for-thee camp.

There is little space for DeMaio in the “middle” that he claims to occupy, and he isn’t attractive to anybody outside the “middle”.


Add to everything you said that people, left, right, and middle just don’t like him. He doesn’t get it.

When asked if he ever considered being a Democrat, DeMaio replied: “No, I’ve always believed in personal freedom.”

Because Democrats don’t believe in those things? Idiotic statements like this keep me from every voting for this man.

“Across the country, the two other gay Republicans, Dan Innis of New
Hampshire and Richard Tisei of Massachusetts, have so far avoided being targeted by social conservatives as they prepare for September primaries.”

I knew there weren’t many gay republicans, but there are only three across the whole country? Who knew.

So many of them seem to be going into the more lucrative evangelical preacher racket.