Discussion: Heritage Action Attacks John Boehner For Mocking GOP Colleagues

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What took 'em so long?

“The Republican Party should be large enough for fact-based policy debates.”
Exactly, they should be able to debate whether our planet is 5,800 or 5,950 years old

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Uh-oh…Jimbo’s got his purse.


I think the republican party has a big problem. On the one hand there are the anti immigration groups composed of racist groups and groups that just hate immigrants, the anti government militia groups, and the I love millionaires and big banks groups who want immigration reform. I suppose in the end all these groups are united in the I hate President Obama group composed of those who hate him because he is black, and some for no other reason then he is a democrat, and some who just hate everybody and everyone. I believe that immigration reform will not get done for decades. It won’t happen in my lifetime. Hopefully 20 years down the road the country will have no choice but to do immigration reform.

I think the Hillary Wave in 2016 will sweep out the anti-American, right wing, trash from having any control in Congress, and that can only lead to great things for the country

These are the most honest things out of John Boehner’s mouth in a LONG time.

Maybe I could learn to like and trust the guy if he were more honest than about once every three years.

I’m sorry, did someone from Heritage Action actually use the term ‘fact based’ and NOT get struck by lightning?

There really is no God, is there?

The Republican Party should be large enough for fact-based policy debates

You mean fact based policy you and your ilk have been discussing for the past several years?

  • Death Panels!
  • Climate changes is a hoax!
  • Trickle down economics!
  • Voter fraud!
  • Job creators!
  • Socialism!
  • Stimulus created zero jobs!
  • More people losing insurance than getting it!

Lots of policy debate, or at least a lot of grandstanding, but not a lot of facts.

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Looks an awful lot like the tiger has caught his own tail.