Discussion: Here's Who Will Be On The Main Stage At CNN's GOP Debate

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Why did they allow Rand Paul when his support is at 3.7% and their threshold was 4%?


Rand Paul made the cut? How, CNN? By your own criteria, Rand should be at the kiddy table.


Can’t wait to hear about the new videos that only Snarly seems to find and watch.


This is due to conservative math: you round up or down based on what you want the result to be.


The RNC is such a complete mess. They cannot even hold to their own freaking rules. Once again, they are changing them midstream to accommodate a candidate whining about sitting at the kiddie table…

The only think I am completely sure about this election, is its Preibus’ last as RNC Chair.


Fox News has Random at 5% as well as bush who’ll soon be able to go back to eating carbs.



If they’re only gonna have, what, four kids at the kiddy table when there are nine or so kids at the big kids’ table, why bother with the kiddy table? If you actually want to optimize speaking time, you’d go seven and six or something. Better yet, lengthen the debate and only have one, or have two but pair a strong candidate with a weak one (like Carson with Graham, Rubio with Kasich) so the two debates have more-or-less equal numbers of supporters.


Oh, come now. “Rules” are a liberal construction developed solely because they hate America. True patriots (i.e. Republicans) know that first you figure out the results you want, then you say or do whatever you need to in support of that result. And bonus points if your argument this time is 100% diametrically opposed to what you argued on a previous occasion.

If you can master this, you get a seat on the Supreme Court.


That would make sense if these debates were actually debates, but they’re not. They’re nothing more than grandstanding events. None of these GOP assholes has any policies worth dissecting on anything the country currently faces, except by way of the most extreme rhetoric. And rhetoric is not policy. In fact most of their rhetoric is usually based on some unconstitutional framework or illegal construct. In other words, challenge any of them on policy and they fold like a cheap suit…because there’s no there, there. The other way to go is for some of them to feign outrage and say, “how dare you question me, you librul media, because that’s just a gotcha question.”

Most of the ideas they have are nihilistic, destructive efforts to tear down the government and the country, while pitting one group against another. That, and advocacy for the 1%, which is often hidden in bullshit subterfuge while changing the subject which hides their true intention, to enrich themselves and their wealthy benefactors. Its all they’ve ever offered…and its sooooo fucking old I can recite their fucking playbook in my sleep.


Each of the Republican debaters (mass-debaters?) should be issued a T-shirt – with arrows pointing both left and right – stating “I’m with CRAZY”.


Will here results all day Wednesday on the radio and online.

will there be any actual adults at either table?


The candidates allowed is the decision of the network hosting the debate, not the RNC.

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I won’t need to watch. I saw the preview.

The biggest excitement of the evening was Ted Cruz claiming several of Donald Trump’s policies as his own.



Speaking of the kiddie table, I suspect the biggest thing they’ll be talking about is how they don’t approve of mashed potatoes touching their peas under any circumstances…Sure, they’ll be Benghazi, A New War, Freedumb and Jeebus. After all, it is the reason for the season, and the Huckster has to get in his last tent revival while he can to draw all those disparate issues together into one big glob of nonsense. Meanwhile, Sanctimonious Santorum won’t let a a good religious diatribe go to waste during his favorite ugly sweater-vest season…so I hope the Pope isn’t wasting anytime listening. He’s bound to be disappointed if he does. Graham Cracker will be bringing the Pecan Pie…so he’s good for something I guess.

And Pataki…who the fuck is Pataki???

At the big boy table (which oddly squeezes in that failed CEO and vile bullshitter of a woman) they’ll be debating how to keep Xmas pure by keeping the heathens, Muslims, and non-believers away from our shores…because Amerika…Show Us Your Papers or Scram because NIMBY EVAH!

Gawd I hate these assholes more with every fucking day that passes.


Isn’t it time for the field to pare itself down? Who, actually, is keeping some of these loser campaigns on life support? Geez, we can go for weeks without a peep out of these guys except for their formal “debates”.


Why did they allow Fiorina in the last one? There’s your reason. Fiorina didn’t qualify for the last one, but they made accommodations to get her on. Paul asked for the same.


Why are they bothering with the “kiddie table” at this point?


Where’s Gilmore?