Discussion: Here's What Was Shoved In A $1.1 Trillion Omnibus

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Yay free trade, now we get to eat meat from China with any damn additive Chinese farmers care to use while their corrupt officials look the other way. But hey, only food allergies are likely to show up immediately, the slow poisons and cancers won’t be apparent for decades. They’ve been kind of partial to adding melamine to milk and animal feed in the past, now humans can have it, too.

And oil exports are OK, so back to volatile and high gas prices. “Drill baby drill” never was about the supply of oil products for Americans. Welcome to the third world, where we export our raw natural resources rather than use them to employ Americans.


Seems the only turd in this punch bowl so far is the country of origin labeling.


What do you feel about lifting the oil export ban?

I am indifferent to it. So I am happy to exchange lifting it in order to get five years of tax credits for renewable energy development.


Agree, I think the Democrats got a good deal in return for it, and hopefully this won’t trigger a big spike in domestic gas prices. Maybe it could even offset the industry’s recent losses due to falling prices.

And although I think it does represent a sort of betrayal of the “drill baby drill” crowd that has been screaming for energy independence, I’m hoping that some of these exports find their way to Europe and undercut Russia’s ability to use their own oil as a strategic weapon to hit energy-dependent Europe for agreeing to place sanctions on Russia over their incursion into Ukraine.

In the same vein, I have also been hopeful that lifting sanctions on Iran would also have the same effect of undercutting Russia’s role as Europe’s energy provider.

I’m also thankful that efforts to further undermine campaign contribution limits, and Dodd-Frank, were also unsuccessful.

Now, we shall see it it gets passed. Might be a lot of Freedumb caucus members pissed off over this.


The big difference now is that consumers at grocery stores will no longer see where their meat is coming from.

This is so wrong. As a consumer, I always like to know the origin of the products I purchase. Health is a big concern, but I also try to support America’s producers as well as friendly nations. I am extra concerned about food products. Again, this is wrong … on many levels.

Thank you for making this point, as I hadn’t considered this prior to reading your post. I now feel a bit better about the addition of this provision. That said, I am still concerned the corporations here will raise our own fuel costs … leading to further price increases on food and staples.

I am very happy about the Dodd-Frank language not making the cut. Woo-hoo for that!


Agree on all counts. BTW, I have been wanting to have a private discussion with some of the TPM regulars here on a project. Ping me when you get a chance.

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One thing this article missed in the “weed wars”: The new omnibus bill keeps in place the CROmnibus policy banning the District of Columbia from spending its own taxpayers’ money to implement marijuana legalization, which the people of DC voted for by a 2:1 margin.

I’m not going to link to that shitshow, but Breitbart (The world became a better place when that fucker died) is declaring that Ryan budget is a “Betrayal of America”.

So…Ryan is Boner ][.