Discussion: Here's What Obama Will Say In His State Of The Union (EXCERPTS)

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“Now, even though the Teabaggers are incompetent and their propaganda channel makes up shit all the time – France is suing em for their latest boner even as I speak-- we wanna work with 'em. Up to now all they’ve done is say ‘no’ when we tried to DO something. Ok. They have the keys to the car. Now let’s see if they can drive between the lines.”

Drive between the lines? Cue Joni Ernst.

Given how long in the tooth this “post recession” the U.S. is and how high the level of real unemployment remains, it’s hard to imagine what pages Obama would “turn” even if he had a Democratic majority in Congress. Except he doesn’t. So in the narrow sense it’s political maneuvering. But in the big picture, as the representative and protector of Wall Street, it’s more cheerleading (i.e., the President’s job), as it’s hard to take his “middle class economics” seriously, except as an expression of fear and warning about how long American workers and unemployed are going to live with the situation.

Maybe she’ll show up with her pig nutter.


You know, at least I have a little more respect for the guy (or gal) with the sledge hammer at the slaughter house, because they finish what they started.

“That’s what middle-class economics is – the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules”

There you go.
Hammer this point from now til 2016.

I hope he comments on the great happenings in Europe. Our man Ukrainian Prime Minster Yatsenyuk said recently while in Germany that the Russia should not be allowed to invade Germany again.

I don’t know why this isn’t being trumpeted by the Administrator. Instead I have to link to commies who are oh so sad about it. Boo hoo.

What I find odd tonight is that the Governor of Michigan and the Governor of New Mexico both gave their State-of-the-State addresses on the same night as the President’s State of the Union. I’ve never heard of that before. All I can think of is…How rude. Just bugs me that either of these Governors couldn’t have picked another night to do their own thing.

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I’m not going to read this article. I just want to state that I hate articles and news broadcasts that predict/report what someone is going to say.

Actually, it is hard to take your comments seriously. Look at the reasons for the supposed “long in the tooth post recession”. Specifically the GOP stating from Day 1 of President Obama’s term that their primary purpose was to stop the President. Those were the specific words used by Eric Cantor. No proposals, no negotiations. And then there was the classic line from Boehner that their priority was jobs while the GOP did not produce a single jobs bill. All the while, trying to shoot down the ACA over 50 times. Let me give you a hint: If the Democrats had the majority, there would be a rise in the minimum wage immediately. As opposed to the GOP wanting tax cuts for the wealthy despite the proven failure of trickle down economics (See “Shrub’s Great Recession”) to help the economy or to create jobs. The GOP tax cuts did neither and they plus the two wars and the unpaid prescription plan blew the deficit sky high. Which by the way is now much lower thanks to the stimulus, the ACA and other Democratic programs. “Fear and warning”…that is absolutely laughable. Job growth is stronger than it has been in decades, people have access to health care that they never had before, unemployment is under 6 percent, the stock market has sky rocketed which has helped the middle class’ 401ks tremendously, and the deficit is declining. Next time, do try to get a clue.

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No good deed goes unpunished. Ask Governor Rick Snyder. The governor has been on a kick to exercise, which is not the easiest thing given his breakneck schedule.

Snyder hurt himself running “during a rare family vacation” and now won’t be able to walk down the aisle and shake the hand of the morons who “represent” us in the Republican-controlled legislature.

I keep laughing at the columnist who writes this drivel.

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Yes, another example of the disrespect shown to the President. I highly doubt other state of the state addresses have occurred on the same night as the SOTU before. The media should be all over this but of course they won’t mention it. They are probably hoping for another “Jim Demint” moment this evening. Wolf Blitzer is probably on pins and needles already.

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I couldn’t watch Snyder tonight. Not sure how much I can handle watching anything where I have to concentrate. I think I’m coming down with something…the flu maybe. I feel yucky. In any case, I’m sure Snyder’s idea of combining the Dept. of Community Heath and the Dept. of Human Services into one, has some ulterior motive other than improving services. I just don’t trust that creep.

OMG…I just tuned into MSNBC. Steve Kornacki is hyped up on caffeine, meth, or something. He’s talking 70 mph, giving some kind of history lesson and I’ve already lost the gist of whatever the hell he was saying. He makes me dizzy.