Discussion: Here's How Billionaire Tom Steyer Would Run For Senate

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Self funded millionaires and billionaires running for Senate or the governorship in California have a very poor track record. Just ask Meg and Carly.

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Kamala Harris, All the way! NO BILLIONAIRES!!!

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Someone needs to explain to Mr. Steyer that, if you’re elected to the U.S. Senate, you have to serve in the U.S. Senate. That means committee meetings, that means constituent services, that means hanging around for votes and having to listen to every idiot in town who thinks he has something to say. Billionaires do the most for society by making money and giving it away, like Bill Gates. Political power trips are a waste of your time and energy.

Steyer is delusional, he should remain on the outside where his funds have an impact.

Should he make the cut through cudgeling Harris with barrels of money, what, precisely would he be able to accomplish except add weight to non starter governance, as a Greek chorus and junior member to DF and as compared to Ms. Warren who stands taller in the saddle by virtue of trial by fire accomplishment.

As noted last week by myself and others now today, ask Meg or Carley about winning office in CA just because one happens to be very wealthy.

“”""“Steyer’s camp acknowledges that his wealth is one of his strengths.”"""""

I think we should all give that remark some thought. If it’s true democracy in America is broken.

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I couldn’t agree more that for a person with a brain and ambition to really, really want to be a senator in the hope, presumably from the “He’ll Make a Difference” school of thought, is kidding himself or herself. The Senate doesn’t function, it doesn’t legislate, it has no ideas, but it has become a body full of ambitious dopes positioning themselves to run for president. Here in California there was talk of encouraging Governor Jerry Brown to run for Boxer’s seat. Of course he’s not considering it, and why should he, his age 76, aside. He’s done so well managing the state, and he has so much more he can accomplish here instead of sitting in a room full of self-serving con artists.

As to Steyer this says it all

Steyer’s camp acknowledges that his wealth is one of his strengths.

I think the purple hair is a nice touch, although he should compliment it with the proper tie.

Warren endorsed Pamela this morning.

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