Discussion: Here Are Some Of The Absolute Worst Predictions Of The 2016 Race

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Unfair! Bill Kristol should have his own article of the things he’s gotten wrong in this race.

Maybe a multi-part series…


BIll Kristol could do the worst predictions of all time, since the year 1992. There have been over 500, I’m sure.


How about the prediction that SuperPac money would control the process and the results. So far it has just been wasted backing unelectable, incompetent GOP candidates. It’s making Sanders look like a one issue candidate, an issue that doesn’t apparently exist.


My sure-fire prediction: none of those who made bad predictions will hesitate at all to make sure-fire predictions of things that can’t really be predicted.

The market demands it. The more uncertainty about something, the more people are attracted to somebody who claims to be certain about it. Every newsletter for stock investors owes its existence to that fact.


I’m still thinking Jeb! will be he nominee. It got a little hard to believe for a while there, but it’s coming back around.

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…and not once does Josh Marshall get mentioned.


Way to jam a slam on Sanders into your comment. If Sanders was so weak, why is his supposed weakness dumb prediction #3?


“That Trump would flame out early”

It still is early. I don’t think there’s any predicting what’s going to happen in SC. After that, everything is uphill for Trump. He could be going by March.

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Why would you say that? He got fourth in NH after sixth in Iowa and getting less than 12% of the vote in each. This is coming back?

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My money is on Harold Stassen. I’m very confident about this.


How about the claim by the US Supreme Court that, because the funds were not being spent in coordination with a campaign, the Citizens United ruling would not "give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.”

Is there any more corrupting influence in politics today than unlimited corporate donations?


With Adlai Stevenson as his VP pick,

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Or perhaps Norman Thomas. My father was at a complete loss about how to cast his ballot once Thomas was no longer around.


Oh, and really, did anyone outside of the self-fellatiating Beltway Class actually think that Paul was going to be anything other than a joke?


Shucks, it’s easy. I’ve seen the broadcast clowns do it a thousand times. You don’t even have to commit to anything if you don’t care to. You stand there at the end of your piece, mike in hand, limber up those Serious Voice Tones deep down in your throat, and say something like this: “Some say the predictors will stop predicting. Others, with equal assurance, say they will continue. But for now, only one thing is certain: Time will tell. From PA, this is MattinPA.” Easy! Your work is done and you’re off to the bar to have four Scotches as a reward for a job well done.


Matthews told viewers. “You watch, I do this for a living.”

If I wanted to watch what you do for a living I’d pay good money for a porn site.



JEB is clinically dead

His autopsy is just waiting to be submitted.


Trump ait done ywt

Trump will still be in the lead after March.

He’s more palpable to those who should know better.