Discussion: HBO Cancels 'Vice News Tonight,' Ex-NY Post CEO To Take The Helm At Vice

This is too bad. The show was hardhitting journalism, well produced, and with appeal to millenials.


Sad about this. The show featured intelligent young, gutsy reporters. More often than not, I’d find myself asking “why don’t the networks do quality, in depth reporting like VICE does?” Perhaps most impressive was that their reporters on international assignments often spoke the language of the country they were in, which I’ve never seen on cable or network news. This show featured the exact kind of quality reporting that we need now to cut through the pap most often served up as news these days. It’s a terrible shame that they’re taking it off the air.


I guess HBO finally got tired of spending money to send hipsters in skinny jeans halfway around the world to to just talk to the first person they found on the street. Then give you the most superficial reporting of current events that somehow simultaneously conveyed practically no new information yet took so much time you only got two a week.


CEO of the Post. Hmm.


It appeals to me and my husband and we are in our 70s.

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Which other mainstream media couldn’t even do.

If Vice News reporting on NK was superficial, other outlets’ reporting on NK was non existent. That’s true of many of the pieces they took up.


Let me introduce you to a thing called the BBC.


You forgot to mention avocado toast.

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But that’s delicious and has a purpose unlike VICE.

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Apparently no Fox trolls were available?

A right-wing hack?

VICE is a sleazy voice for the American Empire. They’ve been working hard to help invade Venezuela because those savages just can’t manage their oil. Or so they would have us believe.

Quality reporting? Like this “Let’s Invade Venezuela” piece? VICE is imperialism for hipsters.

Yeah, because Venezuela is doing so great, and is not mismanaging their oil wealth and society at all.

Stating an obvious fact, that Maduro has been terrible, and Venezuela under him has been terribly run, must obviously mean they are Tools of the American Empire.

What they should have done is a piece on how 4 million Venezuelan refugees is just proof that everything is great, and no, they don’t actually exist. That would have made them true liberal leftists, and not hipster imperialists.

Edit: It is possible to have position that what’s happening in Venezuela right now is shit, without necessarily implying that the US must invade.