Discussion: Hawley Has An Issue With Rao — But Not The Same One As Some Of His Peers

I guess she can always say that she believes that raped women were asking for it, and should be forced to take their pregnancy to term. That would probably satisfy all GOP senators (Even Ernst, unhappy about the rape part, but loving the “pro-life” part) as well as red state democrats. Easy peasy lemon squeezy…


So Josh did you question her on her views of religious organizations being allowed tax payer’s money to improve and benefit their own property while maintaining their tax exemption status? Or will you support her sincerely religious beliefs that a woman has a right to choose over your own religiously held beliefs that a woman holds no such right?


Oh goodie…now Congress will refuse to ‘confirm’ based on a whisper campaign not backed up by facts?

Hey there little missy/mister facts are what Republican deem them to be, evidence not with standing.

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She may be personally pro-choice, but she’s willing to turn her back on her principles with nary a thought.


Roa’s sidebar notes:
“This is why female persons shouldn’t even be considered as candidates for anything by the Republican side - the feminine wiles they inherited from Eve-of-Eden make them unstable and unable to hold the hard conservative line across the board. Out with them all!” /s

Oops! … (Hawley’s notes. not Rao’s)

Sure sounds like a “litmus test” to me.