Discussion: Hate Crime Case Resurrects Racial Wounds In NYC

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Fortunately, New York State does not have “stand your ground” laws.

May justice be done.

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Why are American criminals allowed to flee to Israel and hide from prosecution?


That is a group itching to take offense. Briefly lived in Crown Heights in the 80’s. Biggest event when I was there, a bus drove too close to some guy’s wife on a Saturday, he attacks the bus, tries to attack the driver. A group forms to support him, they attack the bus. Cops come clear the scene, arrest the guy. they try to take him to the precent, guys start attacking the cop car, they get away. A couple of hours later, a full assault on the precinct house, dozens of guys. Why - they made the guy ride in a car on shabbat. Weirdest place I ever lived.


Crown Heights is where most of the Jewish Fundamentalist Kahane fascists, who have settled in the West Bank over the past 40 years and caused all the problems over there, come from. They’re pretty well known as extreme Jews-Uber-Alles types, so their declarations that being Jewish means somehow they wouldn’t do this ring pretty hollow, since they act like Nazis over in Israel.


Toodumb… is an appropriate nym here. The post doesn’t make sense. Allowed? By whom. He sneaked out via Canada, likely on an Israeli passport. And he was extradited by Israel back to the US. So, who allowed what?