Discussion: Harvard Prof's Vendetta Against Restaurant Reportedly Toppled A Boston.com Editor

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That headline is horrible, TPM. You are better than that… She wasn’t demoted after the story took off, she was demoted for trying to personally profit off of it by designing and selling t-shirts about the issue. Boston.com was right, but your headline makes it about the $4 story.


Yea, editor is probably over the edge for both the unsubstantiated postings as well as trying to profit off of a story (that’s supposed to be limited to the publisher).

But I’d totally buy the t-shirt…heh


SHHH. Josh is going to write you a nasty reply if he hears you.


Absolutely correct. The actions of the editor were blatantly biased, not to mention unethical. She was demoted, (should have been fired) over the T-shirt issue.


Who even knew boston.com existed outside of the NE before this? They should get a promotion.


So the website followed up with more juicy scoops. It reported the professor, Ben Edelman, had previously berated management at another sushi bar.

I thought the previous restaurant was a Chinese restaurant? Is Catherine suggesting that all Asian food tastes the same? Pretty racist if you ask me.


Pretty much the equivalent of a 15-yard UnSportsmanlike Conduct penalty for taunting in the NFL.

UnEditorlike Conduct. Taunting the Prof.
Demotion to Senior Writer,
Prof is still a douche.
Repeat 1st down!



And probably also equivalent to a $15K fine… which is a bit more significant when you are a journalist than when you are an NFL player.

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Twitter. When will people learn!?

Twitter is useless and in 5 years, we will all be saying, if asked at all…“remember Twitter?. Uh…yeah…vaguely.”

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it’s technically accurate (the t-shirt arose from the incident) but misleading

As a statement of the timeline, the headline is accurate, but meaningless. It’s rather like saying the United States was founded after the fall of the Roman Empire. Chronologically true, but one event has nothing to do with the other. The implication that the demotion was the result of the story keeps it within click-bait territory without actually lying.


I know it’s chronologically accurate, but I did immediately think click bait…

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I would have suspended her over the T-shirt. Low class.


Yeah, I hate to see TPM resort to deceptive clickbaiting. I don’t think that’s ethical at all. How then, are you any better than the dishonest cons you write about? Stooping to tabloid level is shameful and is why I don’t visit TPM nearly as often as I used to.

Are you dissing AOL users?

AOL still lives.
MySpace maybe?


Well at least the headline didn’t say “Boston.com Editor Demoted After Fall of the Roman Empire.” Small favors.

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I keep debating paying for a Prime subscription, but then I see these purposefully misleading, Huffington-esque titles and realize that if I wanted click-bait I can get it free everywhere else on the web. I expect more from TPM, but I’m sad to say I see more and more misleading titles on TPM lately.