Discussion: Harry Reid Endorses Chris Van Hollen For Senate

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And I endorse anyone who bloody well fights for what Democrats should be fighting for instead of trying to please the voters who shall never vote for them!

Now watch the PCCC attack Harry Reid.

Chris Van Hollen once talked his way out of being taken prisoner by Saddam’s soldiers in Iraq.



I really like Chris Van Hollen and think he’d be a great senator. However, Rep. Donna Edwards would be a better bet in 2016. Democrats would have a woman at the top of the ticket, two black women running for Senate, and all three would have excellent chances of winning. Plus, with Maryland’s close proximity to both PA and VA, excitement over her candidacy could bleed into those states and drive out the very voters most likely to stay home.


Mixed on this one. I’ve been a big van Hollen fan since I met him during his first House campaign. At the same time Edwards will be a force for years to come.



I’d love to see Donna Edwards in the Senate but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a congressman more ready for the Senate than Chris Van Hollen. I do think if Donna Edwards runs then she’ll win.


I’d dearly love to see them both in the Senate; maybe one of them can move to New Jersey…


Van Hollen is my Congressman, and he’s an excellent one at that. He’s a cinch to win.

Nothing wrong with Donna Edwards, but she just doesn’t have the stature in Maryland politics that Van Hollen does.


I’ve gotta agree with you there. Van Hollen is one of those folks who you sometimes forget isn’t a Senator. Either way, the Senate will be a better place no matter which one wins.

Not surprising. He’s been around longer, he’s very intelligent, has tons of personality, and he’s got a leadership role within the party. Truthfully, he’s the better choice. She’s still young and Ben Cardin isn’t getting any younger, so she may have an opportunity to run for an open seat in a few years.


Nancy Pelosi who controls the House Democrats so brilliantly speaking about Van Hollen and how much she needs him in the House at this time and why she is discouraging a run for the Senate, but IMHO she won’t impede any step in that direction.

“I think he’s such an extraordinary talent,” said Ms. Pelosi, who added that she thought Mr. Van Hollen could run for president from his House seat. She conceded, “I think the caucus wants a generational change.”

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“Reid is apparently aiming to clear the field and avert a contentious Democratic primary as the party sets its sights on winning back the majority in 2016.”

The only way the Democrats lose statewide elections in Maryland is when the establishment forces an inferior candidate through the primaries, like what happened with Anthony Brown in last year’s gubernatorial race. Van Hollen is a much better candidate than Brown, but let’s not pretend that this is about anything other than making sure an insider gets the seat as opposed to a candidate who might shake up the establishment.

Harry Reid has yet to show that he knows anything about how to run a Senate majority. I’m still wondering what it would take to dislodge people from the levers of power in the national party these days. We should be honest and recognize that the party isn’t all that democratic, nor are the party leaders very interested in doing all that much that the party base might want.

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“Even though Rep, Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) will likely be the media
darling of the moment on the list to be Sen. Mikulski’s successor, there
are many other contenders, several of whom are African Americans, on
the Democratic side who could run.  They include former Lt. Gov. Brown,
Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD), Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake,
State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks, and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD).”