Discussion: Harry Reid Accuses GOP Of Toying With Another Government Shutdown

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I do enjoy watching Ole Harry find his manhood. I wish it would stick.

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Hey, guys, the GOP is only doing what the Kochs tell them to do!

(And giving Reid more ammo!!)


Canadian Ted will try it again. Has to look macho for his base.

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I dare them to shut down the government. I dare them to constantly threaten to shut down the government. I know they won’t do it. They’re too chicken poo to dare shuttering the government a second time! Especially right in front of an election. In fact, we should be daring them to do it and make all sorts of demands that they won’t bend to in order to either force them to pass things that they hate or shut down the government.


Oh, never underestimate their ability to blow their own feet off.


Reid seems to have hit his stride with poking them. Go jab them some more Harry!



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The party that made it impossible to pass anything without a supermajority wants an up or down vote? Kiss my fat hairy crippled ass. Live by the sword, die by the sword.


Lemme get this straight…
Republicans want to kill the Earth & put people’s lives in danger.
It’s one of their fundamental kinks.
Democrats want to help the People.
So, Republicans are whining that the People will get more loot out
of this bill than the R’s can destroy with their amendments.
Yep, makes sense to (nobody).


Stay tuned for:

Reid Warns the GOP Not to Push for Another Disastrous War
Harry Reid to Repubs," We Will Not Let You Crash the Economy Again"
Reid Asks GOP," Why Do You Hate Working Families and Puppies?"

That picture of McTurtle with that empty-headed expression…Priceless.

Reid’s 4-for-1 offer’s a good start.

I soooooo love Gene Wilder, a great line of his. I think from Blazing Saddles or maybe it was Silver Stream.

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Such stern and forceful words. I’m sure the Turtle is just quaking in his shell-with hysterical laughter.

Willy Wonka.


Sheesh, don’t tell them that Harry, LET them shut down the government.

Please proceed GOTP.

Which the Supreme Court upheld yesterday. Do try to keep up, Yertl!

Senator Reid is not doing his job as a Senate Majority Leader.
How do I know this?
He’s not going to be Senate Majority Leader in 2015.
I’m not sure if he’s going to be a Senator after his next election cycle.
Now, we’ve got Democrats who are opposing the President’s Environmental Policies, Economic Policies, Foreign Policies, ect…
After the election, those numbers of Democrats, who oppose the President are going to dramatically increase.
President Obama’s Policies and Job Performance are decimating the support of the Democrat Base…
Does anyone think that President Obama’s Immigration Reform will be supported by Labor Unions? What about Minorities?
Have we forgotten what the African American Population went through after the 1986 Amnesty Law?

How can a Increase in Minimum Wage help the Middle Class?
Are you in the Middle Class if you work for Minimum Wage?
Minimum Wage is what you get paid when your learning your job, learning a trade, working after school, ect.
Raise minimum wage to $15.00 per hour and see how many 16 to 21 year old students find jobs.
McDonalds will go straight to Kiosks and the only people who will be working there will be cooks and janitorial / maintenance.

How many Coal Jobs have been lost under this president?
As many Shovel Ready Jobs that were created?
Did you know that the average Coal Miner makes $22.00 or more per hour?
You plan to replace $22.00 per hour with $15.00 per hour?
That’s a $7.00 decrease in wages…
Add to that the Individual Mandate cost on Increased Health Care Premiums and Deductibles, the 125% increase in Fuel Costs under this administration, the increase in FOOD, and subtract the Decreasing Value of the Dollar… What’s left?

No Mr. Reid,
We don’t want to change the Economy of America into a 3rd world Economy…
Take that back to Las Vegas and present that to your Mob Friends…