Discussion: Harris 'Very Troubled' By SF Reporter Raid: 'We Have Shield Laws For A Reason'

Fascism is us.

The ‘right’ of any (white) individual to possess a massive military grade arsenal, love it. Freedom of the press - now wait a minute! That’s not what the founders intended.


Did Harris mention the shield she wielded to protect über-corrupt former Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas? I thought not.


The press is the enemy of the people, don’t’cha know.

It makes a great deal of sense that someone would want those details suppressed.

Except that’s not how we roll.

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We also have rules against prosecutorial misconduct [especially in capital cases] for a reason. Too bad Harris wasn’t aware of that when she was a prosecutor and AG in California. Opportunist dirtbag, for whom I would be forced to vote should idiots get her nominated.

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Harris just went way, way up in my estimation. Bravo for her on calling this out.