Discussion: Harris Tries To Dismiss Unpopular Positions While AG As Part Of The Job

These questions are why we have primaries. So far it sounds like she handled them appropriately. I want a President who (1) knows her duty and (2) tries to do the job she was elected to do.


Saw the headline. Assumed an AP piece. Reads like concern trolling.


That’s the trouble with “Laws”
You need to follow them even when you don’t agree with them.
If only Trump had figured it out


I think it was CNN, saw the same headline on twitter from the CNN account.

Thank you
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.


That’s odd since this is indeed an AP piece. Wonder how the same language ended up both places.

She ’ tries’ to dismiss. … not ‘she dismisses.’

Waiting … not with bated breath … for the take that Trump ‘tries to claim’ that a wall would prevent drugs coming into the country when everybody knows they are coming through the ports of entry and tunnels already.


She won’t be able to shake off a reputation as being too far left for the majority of independent voters who will determine the outcome. Medicare for all won’t fly for a number of reasons. Strengthening the Affordable Care Act (or call it Obamacare), is something that people can understand and be more than ok with because it was actually working. I think her inability to see this difference here demonstrates an inability to take the overall pulse of the nation.

Whereas Trump will now be able to shake of a record of being too far right?


My first thought upon reading this was “here we go again with her emails”. She’s only been running for a week and the story is already repeating. Didn’t the media learn anything?


I’m not sure of that. Americans believe they live in Sweden, when they actually live in an oligarchy. The senate in particular, goes more for plutocratic interests (something Harris has seen up close with the passage of “tax cuts”). Over two-thirds of Americans support the notion of meritocracy, universal healthcare, good public universities with low or no tuition, paid maternity leave, a Swedish-style daycare system, and a different approach to caring for the elderly. The push-back comes from oligarchs or groups that benefit from the inefficiencies. Sweden, Denmark, Finland, etc. however have high taxation, although the taxation structure is quite different, with VAT providing the largest revenue stream. Capital is taxed at higher rates but the effective rates are quite good. If you do have capital in Sweden, it is easy to hang on to it, easier than the US. Also, there is greater social mobility. Harris is right where most people are.


Of course they did. They learned that they can take down a candidate by harping on emails. The media has gone from reporting the news to creating the news. You can thank Les Moonves for that. He turned the news organization at CBS from a means for their affiliate stations’ to meet their FCC license requirement to “broadcast in the public interest” to a profit center…

Speaking of death penalty in CA saw interesting 48 hours about this ongoing case.

It’s an important facet of Harris’s record, and it’s appropriate to ask her about it. I think this is an appropriate response.

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No idea. unless i just skimmed the tweets and made a mistake.

I do love how the title is she dismissed and in the body it’s she addresses.

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