Discussion: Harney County Sherif On Standoff: 'This Cannot Happen In America'

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“I will say that the armed occupiers have been given ample opportunity to leave the refuge peacefully,” Bretzing said. “Instead this individuals have chosen to threaten and intimidate the America they profess to love.” (FBI agent)

No truer words have been spoken, sir.


I would like to see the Sheriff of Grant county arrested on conspiracy charges. That jackass was giving shade to these nut jobs.


“Ward said that the militiamen met with him back in November and made a list of demands that he could not accommodate.”

Don’t be lazy TPM. What was their list of demands they gave him?


So, unm, exactly what demands should I expect my local Sheriff to accommodate when I make them?

Because this Sheriff sure seems to imply he would have given in if he could have.

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All individuals were arrested on
“felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the United States
from discharging their official duties through the use of force, intimidation, or threats.”

Y’all are well and truly f^cked for life.




Yeah, he spoke for all of us with this…

“This cannot happen anymore. This cannot happen in America, and this cannot happen in Harney County,”


I wonder if that information has not been made public, and that’s why it wasn’t part of the article.

See if you can get through their demands without wanting to choke the shit of someone.

Edit to add: …and then imagine the patient frustration of running down the plausibility of those demands.


Refuge occupants are free to leave if they give their names as they exit, Bretzing said.

NOOOOOO! FORCE them to stay! They wanted to take over the place. Okay. MAKE them spend a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE winter there.


Well, pink underwear, for one. Ward explained that they had the wrong sheriff (or “sherif” if you go by the headline for the discussion page. Can’t blame autocorrect for that one).

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No. 1 Make Willie Nelson apologize for “Mama’s Don’t Let You Babies Grow-up to Be Cowboys.”

No. 2 . . .


Josh, please set up a gofundme page for TPM readers to band together to contribute money to buy a big box of dildos to send to these self labelled “patriots.”


1.) It is not an uncomfortable place-that’s one of the reasons Ammon Bundy chose it.
2.) Scientific study is ongoing in that Refuge, that should not be sacrificed.
3.) More destruction will happen. At this very moment the remaining militants are iusing the USWFS heavy equipment to dig trenches around the compound for tactical advantage. Archelogical sites have been damaged.
4. The Refuge employees have been away from work since Jan. 2. They nedd to get back to work. Restoration of the offices & buildings is crucial after the unsettling activities of the squatters. Imagine how you would feel if this was your place of employment & your committed career?


unfortunately it sounds like some of them brought their children with them…or their foster children… Using kids in this way (as shields) is sick. This sounds more and more like the middle east.


“They want immediate freedom for imprisoned local ranchers. They want federal deeds voided and private owners to take over the property. They want the county to control the refuge. They want federal grazing permits vacated, leaving ranchers free to graze as they choose. And they say they won’t go until they get their way.”

I think they’re also demanding that the sheriff cut down the greatest tree in the forest with a herring.


As an Oregonian (though I don’t live anywhere near the refuge) no, remove them ASAP, by force if necessary and any that are around after being removed, can spend the rest of their lives paying (financially) to not just repair and replace the damage they’ve done, but the ongoing efforts to rebuild the refuge, compensate the school (who cancelled classes more than once), the local police force who’s time they wasted, pay back the state of OR and the federal gov’t for the illegal use of it’s grazing lands.

Also, put them in jail, but that doesn’t give me any satisfaction, they stole from the gov’t, we should get our money back.


Most of the Sheriffs in Sagebrushistan (not all, the guy in Roseburg is a tool) are like this guy. Calm and calming, trained through experience to deal with drunken and armed yahoos in a way that nobody gets hurt. In the last 50 years, in my little county, we have had two yahoos. Neither was re-elected.

The sheriff before the last yahoo served 4 terms. He retired when same-sex marriage was legalized in California; he wanted to live openly with his partner (in sin, I guess, they are still not married). The County, which tended to rally around the rattlesnake flag before these bozos made it even more ridiculous than it was before, gave a great collective guffaw, and promptly elected him to another office. His closet’s walls ad been made of glass.

Maybe that is why Posse Comitatus nonsense flies so well in Sagebrushistan. We like our sheriffs, and if we don’t, we fire them.


I’m sure they’ll have “official” government ID with those names attached. That don’t look anything like something they took 20 minutes to throw together on Photoshop.

One of my favorite lines was “not a project I could devote resources to,”

Assessor Ted Tiller noted that U.S. government deeds date back more than 100 years. Identifying all the transactions that left property in the federal government’s name is “not a project I could devote resources to,” Tiller said. “I don’t know how we’d do it.”


I imagine the Assessor adding “mmmKay” when he hung up the phone.