Discussion: Hannity Disgusted With Bundy: Race Comments 'Beyond Repugnant'

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He must be thanking Bundy for getting him off the hook.
He now has an excuse to abandon this bozo.
John Stewart ate Hannity alive.


That’s your Boy Sean, you’re both cut from the same cloth…


No, Sean. Liberals are not dying to brand Conservatives as racists for embracing KKKlive Bundy. You right-wingers have already done a superb job of branding yourselves.
So now you want to distance yourself from the Klan Cowboy, not because he is a thief,an anarchist and a scofflaw, but because being associated with his particular brand of hatred is bad for your bottom line.
Well, it’s too late Bunky. You’re cut from the same white cloth as his robe, and you deserve every bit of animus that comes your way.


I bet Hannity got some whip lash from that about face…


Sean, you guys in the GOP bubble own Clive Bundy. He’s your guy.


LOL, Is it bad I’m laughing?


Hanratty just is sorry they, he, fux channel bimbettes and ailes, got catch promoting and selling this moocher and tax cheating racist lying old coot to their brain dead audience.!

As I recall fux channel was in Nugents corner and the Duck Dynasty guy too! Not that they had to make up too much…the video is out there! Salon has a list of the right wing made up fallacies on this one!


Pot meet kettle, eh Hannity?


Hannity might have well just stated:

“I’ve used up this deadbeat rube’s 15 minutes and would have rode him a long. long time, but since he became toxic, I’m throwing him under the bus…Benghazi everybody!”


Hannity is a practitioner of the race card and Rep. Keith Ellison called him out as one of the worst excuses for a journalist, ever.


They dance the two step with them and bow at their feet.

I was thanking the same thing–Bundy gave Hannity a convenient excuse to wash his hands of him.


I disagree. Jon Stewart didn’t just eat him alive. He first applied a zesty Cajun rub. He then dry aged him for a few days. After that, he slow roasted him in a delectable herb butter sauce. And then he presented him on a gorgeous platter and proceeded to carve him up like a Thanksgiving turkey. It was one of the most amazing takedowns I’ve ever seen in my life. It was so good, I was looking for Shonda Rhimes in the credits.


It might have been convenient for Hannity as a way to toss this rube under a bus but I assure you Mr Bundy is unaware of the firestorm he has created with this recent set of comments. Yeah he knows somthin’s up but just 'zackly what it is he isn’t sure. Perhaps that guy who said all he needed was some media training might coach him a bit.


No, Hannity is not thanking Bundy for this. Hannity was sure he had a goldmine in Bundy. This story is going to last a good long while and he was planning on riding it as long and hard as he could. Like Nancy Grace and that whole “totmom” garbage.

But now Bundy has shown his true colors and Hannity is probably fuming. He’s probably even taking it personally. He had a meal ticket to place his name front and center on the national stage, and now he has to give it up because there is no way he can spin this other than the crackpot moocher is also a racist.


I’m gonna hafta find that take down if it’s that good. I’ve wanted somebody to hand Sean his “Family Jewels” on a plate for a long time. There are two people Mrs darr has banned me from watching (which is easy since i don’t watch fox News) Hannity and O’Reilly because she doesn’t like it when I get apoplectic. Truthfully i don’t like it either.


bundy’s militias buddies are not going to be happy with you seany boy.

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We were talking earlier today about whether these Fox people at least halfway believe what they’re saying, and I thought they mostly did, because they’re into ideologies, not evidence. And I think this backs that up, because otherwise, otherwise, otherwise, how in the hell could you not see this coming? How could you possibly, possibly not see this Bundy guy and his wild-eyed gun-waver crowd as a guaranteed public-relations disaster on a hair trigger?


Sounds like someone realizes the he had his a$$ handed to him.

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