Discussion: Hackers Take Over UPI, New York Post Twitter Accounts, Live-Tweet 'World War III'

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Another twitter hack? Is this a status thing for hackers? Does it give them hack cred? Possibly.

Will it help them move out of their parent’s basement and get a date with a real live woman? Not so much.


Fixed the first paragraph for you.

"Twitter appeared to have been hacked Friday afternoon after the accounts of United Press International and the New York Post began tweeting about the breakout of “World War III.”

This is a Twitter issue.

Maybe they’re hoping that with a full-scale World War III panic, they can convince some poor lass that Mom’s basement is the safest place on earth?

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Or a twit issue.

That’s the best they could come up with? Lame.


The tip off that it wasn’t a real NY Post Tweet was it didn’t blame President Obama.


This is either a false flag perpetrated by the Pentagon to deflect attention away from their hack OR another example of twitter’s shitty security.

Hackers, an apropos name if ever there was one.

I would like to see/read some double hacking where the hacker gets hacked or falls for some phony tweets. That would be more interesting.
Something like, hacker gets hacked then rehacks via surreptitious twitter account only to be trolled by sock puppets posing as Anonymous.

BTW, I’m not really Leftflank, I’ve been hacked.

Sadly, I expect the end of the world actually will be live-tweeted by dipshit journalists.