Discussion: Gunfire Reported At Site Of Sydney Seige

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Thanks Obama.


If TORturer in CHIEF OhbUMMer and traiTOR FeiNSTEIN haDN’t RELEased THE rePORT, NOBOdY wouLD’ve BEEN awaRE of TORture IN the FIRst PLACE, esPEciaLLY the TERrorists.


In America the police would riddle the cafe with thousands of bullets, killing the gunmen, the hostages, the employee and any innocent bystanders in a 500 ft. radius.


And then the Policethugs “Benevolent” Association would call for anyone who expressed concern to be cast out of society.


And YOU;re the TYpe OF LIBtard that Wants to FREE MUMIA!


In Russia, they would have gassed the cafe, killing everyone and creating a lethal zone for several blocks around.

Idle speculation, but I’ve always sort of wondered what would happen in one of these hostage situations (especially the “barricaded in his home” variety) if the police just didn’t show up at all, and the media were kept at least ten blocks away.

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Ticking time bomb! Knows where Osama’s hiding! Has the original Kenyan birth certificate! Torture him on national television so Hannity and Limbaugh can get their jollies!

ugh… the cables are sooooo disappointed it’s over. but at least they can loop the flashbangs/gunfire to play endlessly. in the meantime, ‘what’s the white house doing about this’…
stoke that fear… what better way to begin the week before christmas…

It was one dude? Why couldn’t they just snipe him and put a hole in his noodle from like 200 yards?


Can you cite examples of that, because there have been many hostage situations here in the US, and I don’t recall that happening.

That does seem to need to be looked at, especially with all that storefront glass. I’d definitely like to see how this story develops. The police definitely would have got some good info from the hostages that escaped, I hope that was used correctly. Looks like only one dead hostage so far, hopefully not killed by police accidentally. Shooter is dead it appears, good thing for that.

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I think the hostage negotiators were trying to talk him out. When the hostages made a break for it he started shooting.


I read where he got “agitated” when the first 5 escaped, and started barking out orders. Sounds like they needed to act quick. Tough situation for sure.

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in australia, two dead – including one being the hostage-taker – following a rescue by heavily armed police;
meanwhile, in the united states, a crazed gunman kills five while the gunman remains barricaded in the home…
guess which one gets the nonstop coverage on cable…


In the case in Russia, the death toll would have been much lower if the unconscious hostages had been given prompt and competent care at the scene and at the hospital. Many of them asphixiated on their own vomit, for no reason other than they weren’t laid out prone, face down. Once they got them to the hospital, the ER docs spent hours trying to find out what chemical agents they had been exposed to in order to treat them, but the Russian Security Forces refused to release that information. Dozens of lives lost, for no reason other than incompetence and lack of coordination.

He could not buy a machine gun in Australia or they would all be dead.


The one that they could get the most visual on, which was the one in the city of Sydney. Downtown, glass storefront, definitely the one you put on the air. Had such a situation happened here in NYC, and there were rural shootings in Australia like the ones in PA, the US story would be even bigger than it is, and the Aussie story buried. It’s all about getting resources in place to get live feeds. That was easy in downtown Sydney.


Duh…corrected. Thanks, missed it.