Discussion: Group Wants Confederate Flag Installed Near Alabama State University

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I’d love to be able to surround their flagpole with several others displaying whatever banners would most get under these folks’ skins.


Not enough public urinals nearby?


I’m guessing they’re probably not fans of the rainbow flag.


So what is the over/under of the number of GOP candidates who will speak out in favor of this? Trump is a given since they are his base. Cruz likely too. And the coverage by the mainstream news media? Probably none.


Oh we’ll hear the usual “states rights” dodge, which we all know is a dog whistle wink and nudge to carry on, Johnny Reb.


Some folks have way too much money and time on their hands. Whatever the motive behind this action, the folks behind this are just cruising to create a controversy.


At this point, I don’t care about the flag.

They could do a confederate history month and I’ll give 50/50 that the presenters will muck something up in production.

I just want to know who the anonymous benefactor is.

I’ll give them a clean slate and a chance to explain why they thought this was a good idea.

But why hide?

County deeds or intellius can find whoever owned that tract. Then that’s when the ‘fish fry’ begins.


I think that the university should erect a bigger flagpole across the street with the image of Union General James H. Wilson on it.


Hate banner brigade, strikes again!

It is going to be so satisfying to see it torn down and thrown in the trash heap as it deserves!


ISIS: I think this is a very good idea. We want ISIS flag to be flown in every state. We want Americans to ask questions like: how was ISIS born? Why did US invade Iraq? What happened to the party in power that was overthrown by US? Why does ISIS love Trump?


You could stand around it wearing a white robe and a pointy white hat

And this image would look nice on a huge banner:


The flag is intended to mark the “first capitol of the Confederacy.”

As if that is something to be proud of?

This is analogous to having German “heritage” freaks wanting to put up a Nazi flag near the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg because it is worth “marking” that the first Nazi Conferences were held in Nuremberg before the Nazis made their capitol Berlin.


Here’s my question.

What would it cost in today’s dollars, for a wage earner to live as well as a slave, according to your best slavery apologist’s theory of how Alabama slaves were treated? Make that your new Alabama minimum wage. I guarantee it would be a huge raise, and this is in no way complementary to the slave owners.

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Well, with ‘donated’ property and having to work to raise $3,000, it sounds like their bark is much greater than their bite. Give them a few years of their ‘free speech’ and the property and flag will look worse than the stereotypes of Alabama backwoods cabins.

It’s a small step, but good to know that public funding of something like this is now considered impossible.


But yeah it’s all about “Heritage”.

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Hey guys - your side lost. Git over it and move on…


Illuminated at night by burning crosses? I agree with inversion, time to identify the “fine gentleman” who donated this plot of land. Purely incendiary, but then of course there’s no more racism. Right, Chief Justice Roberts?


What goes up can also fall down. An excellent opportunity for recycling.

But it’s a symbol of heritage, you guys! Not hate!