Discussion: Grimes, McConnell Trade Jabs At Fancy Farm

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Ah, the stench of GOPig fear wafting in the Kentucky breeze… Sweet.


For a different view from that of AP [Anti-Progressive] check out:

The AP article makes it look like Allison just sorta sat there like a potted plant.

UPDATE:  from the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “For 10 miles leading to Fancy
Farm at each mile marker, Grimes’ campaign had a sign that showed how
many more miles to the “Retire Mitch” party.”


Smells like Schadenfreude.


Interesting note—

The newest NBC/Marist poll (released this morning) shows the November election to be a statistical tie.

It’s no longer predicted to be a GOP blowout.
Just as I predicted—along with other people who don’t buy into the Inside the Beltway Conventional Wisdom.


THis is consistent with other recent numbers, yes?

Tough news for an incumbent. :slight_smile:

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I have attended the Fancy Farm picnic before, but not this year, sadly. Forgot all about it. McConnell looks exactly what he is: old and tired. Mcconnell looks as if the Lord may take him any day now.

Contrast that to Alison Grimes: young, vibrant, full of life, full of bounce. We have donated a tidy sum to her campaign, and will donate more closer to election day. McConnell has to go.


McConnell supporters say that they are tired of what’s happening in Washington, so they want more Mitch.
That is the intellect that we and Allison are up against, mental density in other words.


Societal betterment through a ‘church’ sponsored function, reduced to blood sport? Or the first web forum before FDR made Kentucky turn their light on?

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Thanks for posting that. She was really good. All Mitch talked about was Obama.


At one point Mr. McConnell, a master of the political attack, looked on, agape.

Never a pretty sight.

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RCP Average: McConnell +2.5

RCP Ranking: Toss Up

2014 Key Races: KY-6

“…the official start of Kentucky’s campaign season…”

How impressive that the schedule of Congressional bureaucrats in Washington meshes almost perfectly with Kentucky’s campaign season! It would be devastating to think that Mitch McConnell would go AWOL over the nation’s business… for a hot dog.

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“…Grimes used her speech to announce an endorsement from the United Mine Workers…”



“Kentucky is under attack from Barack Obama’s administration, and we need to fight back,” McConnell said.

Inorite? 410,000 Kentuckians with health insurance now–at this rate the poor people will be healthy and not tied down to corporate jobs so they can rise up and start overthrowing the oligarchy. WTF was Obama thinking attacking us like that!?


ALG took it to Mitch McConnell and addressed the issues, McConnell campaigned against Obama. The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

Full video for anyone who wants to see it.


Is Grimes saying this? Or is she running away from it? I wish she (and the rest of Dems) would embrace health care that is now available to the people of Kentucky.


There was no “sparring.” There was no “trading jabs.” Grimes whomped McConnell from beginning to end. McConnell sounded deflated, like he was just going through the motions.


Politics is local, and truth is, ALG doesn’t need to embrace “Obamacare” because Obama isn’t on the ballot. She’s also running in Kentucky, not in Massachusetts or in Illinois where embracing Obamacare would be a net positive as opposed to a net negative. ALG is running on multiple issues and taking it to the turtle, and it’s been effective thus far. If ALG not mentioning Obamacare gets her elected and McConnell tossed out, so be it.


This article seems to suggest that the turtle ran over Grimes, but watch the speeches for yourself. She did an excellent job of pointing out that mitch DOESN’T CARE, while he just ranted against the President. As Alison said, the President isn’t running. He’s an old, tired, and very rich man thanks to his 30 years of padding his paycheck with corporate cash. He’s now a millionaire 30 times over. Pretty good job. Million a year. Now retire to some island and get the hell out of KY and of the Senate. Go Grimes!