Discussion: GRAPHIC VIDEO: White Officer In S.C. Appears To Shoot Black Man In Back

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Don’t forget to look right around the 1:32 mark when the officer drops whatever he went back to pick up right next to the man he just murdered. Can’t imagine what that would be, but I would bet money it was the stun gun the officer said was taken for him and the reason he feared for his life.


It’s hard to see exactly what they were doing, but it sure does not look like proper forensic treatment of a crime scene, not to mention the absence of paramedics. Of course, this followed cold-blooded murder, so what can you expect.


Plainly the officer was not in fear for his life. The victim was running away from him and the officer drew and fired his weapon, without making evasive movements, before CALMLY walking over to the victim. Cold blooded murder.


So the new police practice targets show the back of the perp?


You can just imagine what stories the murderer-officer would have concocted were it not for the video–and the stories would have been believed by a majority of white Americans.


Clearly the perp was running away so he could double flip back(like you se in the martial arts movies) to grab the officer’s gun. The officer did what he had to do by pumping the bullets 8 times in the back to prevent that. His life was in danger! The guy was obviously the Incredible Hulk!!!

/on a serious note; I feel for this guy’s family to have to see this. How awful. Glad there was video - though at this point I’m not sure it’s enough to get a conviction. Money is probably pouring in for this honorable cop to get a great defense lawyer.


You can imagine, but it doesn’t take a lot of creativity to come up with the answer. Before I read the article I guessed it would be “he was going for my gun”. That seems to be the get out of jail free card for cops… unless of course there’s video that proves otherwise.


Welp, time to burn the motherfucker down! I bless the incoming riot.


Stopped for a broken taillight but no where near a car? Why would the white officer drop the stun gun by the body after another officer had already gotten to the scene? What did he drop?


They’re not done making up stories. The cop can’t make one up, so they’re doing it for him. Just watch. I’ve already seen justifications for this not being covered on Faux News that run something like this: “he’s guilty and the video proves it so it’s not news.” Follow that one? See where it’s going? It’s only “news” to these people if there’s some question as to whether the poor white cop is being wrongfully accused. White cops shooting fleeing unarmed black people in the back in stark cold blooded murder is a non-event in their minds. It must be quickly and thoroughly swept under the rug so they can continue pretending that all’s fair and equal in this land of opportunity for all.


And I like the part where he shoots him several times, with a marked pause somewhere in the barrage before starting up again, and then still feels it necessary to handcuff his limp unresisting and dying body face down on the ground. Classy.


That, and the fact that there’s a distinct pause between the seventh and the eighth shot makes it premeditated murder. I do not have high hopes for a conviction, though.



I just heard on NPR that the cop will be arrested for murder that’s good!

AND I heard that the cop plans to sue on the grounds that he “felt threatened” that bad. REAL bad.

Now, I have no doubt, none whatsoever that he felt threatened. So I agree that he had to have felt threatened.

That’s not the issue that concerns me.

Yes…you felt threatened…can I give you a hug?

Here is the f’ing issue that *does concern me…

You’re a cop.

You’re supposedly trained on threat assessment and engagement.

You’re a cop. You protect people, right?

Why the fook did your police training fail you so miserably that it resulted in the killing of another human being?

What, exactly was the threatening behavior that so elected your hormones to feel, since you had both a gun and tactical advantage here, that you were f’ing threatened?


Well, I suppose there’s a tiny speck of silver lining…the racist enforcement regime and obvious for-profit attempt to imprison as many black men in Amurikkka as possible means that there really isn’t a prison in Amurikkka that’s safe for this pigfucker. He’s either in solitary the rest of his life or found brutally murdered in a dark corner somewhere.


They have slowed that video down and someone has identified what the cop dropped by the body as the stun gun. Please let this be enough evidence to result in a conviction.


You know what the cop’s defense is going to be: “He fought with me and tried to take my gun but failed to do so. He ran and I feared that he was a threat to the community, So I shot him…8 times. I then handcuffed him as a safety pre-caution.”


Like George Zimmerman? Darren Wilson?


Oh please, Michael Brown was charging the cop, this guy was running away from a cop and was executed in cold blood. Not even the same planet. The cop should rot in jail for the rest of his life. The real killer for him is going to be him planting the stun gun. That takes away his “I was threatened” defense, and brings on additional charges as well. He’s toast, as he should be. That’s why police arrested him and charged him with murder. Because that is what he did. But not even the same planet as the Brown shooting. Read the DOJ report.


The planting of the stun gun just totally buries this asshole. He is ON TAPE saying the guy took his Taser. ON TAPE. Then video shows him planting it. He will be convicted, and expect no support from fellow cops (except of course the local asshole Union Rep). He is going down big time, and his fellow officers will say “good”.